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  1. Will they cast big stars, newcomers or both? In that Rand and his friends are teenagers, I expect a lot of newcomers. This series could go on for 10 years, they can't cast someone in their late 20's for the part if they will be close to 40 at the end of the series. I expect Moraine and Lan will be big movies stars, but Rand, Perrin, Mat and Ewgene may be newcomers.
  2. Now that it has come out that Wheel of Time will start filming in Prague in September, when will casting begin? We are six months away from filming, who will be cast first? I think Moraine and Lan will be the first to be cast. In that the series may go for 10 years, they must cast actors who are willing to commit for up to a decade. Could be lots of new faces...
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