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  1. Do you think Moraine is the glue that holds the WoT series together? I only made it through books 5 or 6 on my first reading (I'm starting over on book 1 right now), but even only this far in, I cannot imagine the series holding together without her. She is obviously (in my opinion) the wisest and most mature of the Aes Sedai and her integrity provides a balance to many of the bickering, power hungry sisters as well as a path for Rand to tread. Thoughts?
  2. I would change the constant adversarial nature of interpersonal interaction among the WoT characters. Even among friends, particularly male to female, female to male, there is almost always an undercurrent of contention and a battle for control.
  3. Hello. I'm a new member of this forum. It has been years since I read a WoT book, but I am thinking of starting over and finishing the entire series. Robert Jordan was still alive when I stopped around book 5 or 6. The WoT world is definitely an interesting one and I was sad to hear of Jordan's premature death, particularly as his posts gave some room for optimism that his treatment would allow him to beat the odds. He didn't, unfortunately. What exactly am I getting into starting over and on a 14 volume series? Would most of you do it all again? I am not afraid of spoi
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