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  1. Just want to clear up a couple of facts.... 1. Isam and Luc are not related. Luc Mantear is Rands uncle. Isam Mandragoran is Lan's cousin. No relation... 2. Charn was Mierens (aka Lanfear) servant! They were not related. 3. Charn was Rands descendant through Juanduin, Rands Aiel father, so he's not even related to Luc, let alone Isam! .....just saying! 🤗
  2. If he's not aware he's touching the source then he wouldn't be aware of the taint. Kind of like Nynaeve not knowing she had been wielding the power for years. Also, he did have a reaction to it. Maybe not the nausea (which he didn't get until after the lightning strike in Four Kings) , but the headaches in Baerlon and the 'taking foolish chances' and 'exhilaration' with the whotecloaks and again with climbing the mast on Bayle Domons boat. On a first read through you miss those subtle little hints, but they are there.
  3. Meli


    Hi I'm new, I read about 8 or 9 of the books years ago but never finished them. I recently found out they were making a WoT tv series and have spend the last 3 months reading the whole 14 books....and I'm hooked again! Lol...
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