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  1. If you wan't to be serious about casting keep in mind that movie actors and TV actors tend to stay in their fields and don't expect any movie stars i'd say. Unless the movie star in question is a fan and wants to do it as a passion project there wont be room in the initial budget. IE Jonah hill wanted to do the wolf of wallstreet so badly he did it for 1% of his regular movie pay.
  2. you should at least have written it in a screenplay format. -1 for not trying hard enough.
  3. I don't see why they wouldn't keep the lingo but i assume they're gonna sexy it up. whether we like it or not sex sells, and they NEED money in order to continue the show. People need to be paid and sets bought. I plan to buy allot of merch in order to support the show (so long as its good) Just like i bought the hard cover copies of the books. Every purchase is a vote in order to support the WoT universe. The more they make the higher the budget will get. Which will be necessary to finish the books when they need arrmies and such.
  4. I think that allot of the content in RJ's writing style is vivid descriptions of the way people and places look. That will all end up in set and casting. I am reading book 4 as i write this and So much of the writing is about voice inflections and inner thought. it will be interesting to see how they adapt that to screen writing. I'm super excited for it though, Its another way to immerse myself in my favorite fantasy world.
  5. I have always wanted this and plan to support as fully as possible. So long as they do a good job.
  6. im on my 4th reread now and it was a long time this go around. I had for example forgotten Verin was black ajah. or Galad was Rand's half brother. I want to start a post for fans who like to study the intricacies of the early books and how they tie into later books. In example, knowing that Jason Natael is Asmodean in TSR and knowing Rand knows, absolutely changes the interactions. I want this to have posterity so I will be requiring at least some form of sources and be checking them myself. This is not a fan theory post. I look forward to seeing the connections we all make on our rereads.
  7. I have read the series in total 3 times and have read book 1 at least 7 haha. But this reread i was thinking about being a part of the story, and I started to notice that thom has a personality I would use if I were to write myself in. Just a theory.
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