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  1. I think what you say about the TP and insanity is probably the best explanation. It was remarked upon during Taim's chapter. Without that, despite the other things you have pointed out, he probably should have thought more about Shayol Ghul, considering the obvious importance of that place and that there was another battle going on there.
  2. Yes, that's more or less the conclusion I have drawn concerning some of these issues and I'm not sure if I was expecting a true answer. I myself did not catch this on my first read through, which was less than a year ago, though since then I have read through several times (unwilling to accept that it's over), and therefore have noticed these issues. Little things like this, which certainly do not amount to mistakes, are unavoidable. And I also think Brandon Sanderson done an excellent job. I fear the the Amazon series will have a hard time staying true due to the sheer size of the book series. Also, I doubt it will gain the same popularity as Game of Thrones outside of the fandom, meaning far less money will be invested. Though I am sure it will still be enjoyable.
  3. I understand that Rand was spotted at the battles which led to Merillor, as he intended, and Mat's skill as a general, augmented by memories of countless previous lives, made Demandred believe he was facing someone from his age i.e. Lews Therin. This to me seem insufficient. He must have known that a battle was being thought at Shayol Ghul, everyone who was fighting for the light at Merillor knew that the Dragon was at Shayol Ghul, so his spies should have known this, and just before Egwene's death I believe she can feel the channelling of saidar coming from the pit of doom, so naturally Demandred should also feel the saidin being channeled. One theory I had, which I give very little credit, is that perhaps Mordin wove Compulsion on him, in order to keep him away from Shayol Ghul, as he did not want him interfering with his own confrontation with the Dragon. Any thoughts?
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