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  1. Because aforementioned 'Evil Boss' has an order out to not harm Rand. Point being is that Sammael was disobeying Moridin, partly out of fear, partly out of ambition. Not dumb evil, just the Forsaken infighting as they always have. Moridin saves Rand, Sammael gets a bit jumpy, and he gets ambushed by Mashadar. It's not so simple to stay alert as you may think.
  2. Correlation does not imply causation. Sammael died because he was a coward and an idiot. (The "dumb evil" theme again). No, Sammael had Rand down for the count, had Shadar Logoth warded like crazy, and was winning. "Dumb evil?" Moridin saved Rand and told him where Sammael was; I don't get how this makes Sammael an idiot..
  3. Well, he could be one of the Chosen. He's just not a false identity for any of the old Chosen. New Forsaken? That seems doubtful; we have not seen the Dark One promoting any of the Darkfriend channelers. The old Forsaken have not either, nor have they asked the Dark One in behalf of the Darkfriend channelers. The extra chairs at the last Forsaken meeting that Halima noticed would imply otherwise. The empty chairs might also imply an ignorance of certain dead Forsaken. Or the extra ones were added as a trick. Not a trick, but a reminder of failure. I can't recall, were all of the living FS there? If they were then a reminder makes sense. Except that if Taim was promoted, why wouldn't he have been there? We already saw how harsh the DO was on no-show's.
  4. Just throwing this out there... But wouldn't Trollocs fall under that category if Nym do? They are constructs, after all.
  5. I'm sensing here that some people don't understand balefire. You are burned out from the pattern. RJ has said that balefired people cannot come back, and no evidence to the contrary has been found. It's that simple.
  6. True. But for instance, as and example, could Rand commit suicide, thus preventing viewings from happening? I think it's plausible he could. But it's a odd train of thought anyway, and I'm more then willing to accept that perhaps their is just a predetermined fate. After all with things like Foretelling involved this seems quite likely.
  7. Actually, I think in theory they could be. After all, you could simply commit suicide to avoid your fate. (Unless, like Colavaere, you were fated to do just that)
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    I would have, but school sucks right now. Too much writing. Way to much. :P
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    Of course. :D
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    Guns? I like Guns. And Pointy Things! :P 12th, your Randomness is impressive. Oh, Clowns are scary! :shock:
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    I must meet this 12th person. Random = Awesome.
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    I am new to the forums, though not new to DM in general, or the WoT series. Hopefully I'll be able to RP in the forums, or at least participate in a faction. Not much more to say, but I'm glad to be around. :P
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