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  1. I freaked when I saw you claim vig! I was trying to deflect from you but I was really worried that scum were going to pick up on it and nk you. its funny cos I had told cory that like just a cple of hours ago, lol. fantastic job! aj! you were awesome. so was wifi. so was verb. it was a great game.
  2. welp! that was fun. yaye town! I feel bad for scum thank you guys so much for a fun first game on dragonmount! ❤️ thank hallia and kaylee for hosting. I have more to say later!
  3. I really love how your approaching this day aj. its giving me the warm fuzzies. ty for pulling that up wifi. that actually kinda makes bob look good. that throwaway vote on bob is defo not a bus vote. cory just said I am in charge of our vote today! yaye! lets do this: vote: nyn she was my top suspect on d1. wifi what is your gut say about this, and aj how do you land on the analytical perspective? any1 else, feel free to answer 🙂
  4. okay I have posted enough for now! I am going to try to get some sleep. cory and I will both be on sporadically, and we will try to consolidate our posts more so we don't drown out the thread. aj you are a lot of fun when you let your hair down ❤️
  5. you are doing some fantastic wagon analysis and it is saving me (and probably other players too) from having to go back and look it up myself. thank you plz don't stop 🙂
  6. verbal plz let me get back to this. I wld really like to discuss wifi with you cos I really think you are wrong about wifi and we really need you to leave her alone and get your head in the game and lets look at the players we don't have a clear pulse on. also cld you plz give me a readslist? ty ❤️
  7. I really can't tell if this is the towniest post in the game or the funniest scum!post I have ever seen in my long history of mafia. whats scarier is that I can't tell which 1 I want it to be like if he is scum here he is trolling on a level that is borderline legendary and it wld be really funny to get owned by some1 who is so young. like I wld actually enjoy lol
  8. we are claiming seer/vig/pgo/rb/unlynchable bulletproof flying shark now watcha gonna do about it 😛
  9. I think I am just gonna trust my gut in this game 😛 no talking me out of my gut reads, cory 😛
  10. I think it wld be an even worse town game but you are saying your town and i think i am starting to see what Cory means.
  11. Kk, i will keep that in mind. Ty ❤️
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