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  1. Oh, actually, I just remembered that the golden city, beyond the Aiel Wastes, was explored exactly zero times in the books. And the books made it a place that definitely seemed worthy of exploration.
  2. Excellent posts guys, it has definitely helped establish a look for Slayer/Isam. And thank you very much Sabio for the exact height as all I had for Perrin was in 'spans' and 'feet' which I have no idea how to convert. I know the conversions were in the back of some of the books but I no longer have them. I've almost finished designing Perrin and. I'll post a picture here when it's ready. Hopefully it'll meet with approval!
  3. Did he?! I thought only Ogier could treesing?
  4. No, that definitely does help. I obviously know about Perrin's build but do we have a rough idea of his height? Is it comparable to Rand for example? I don't suppose you happen to know who Slayer looks like when in the wolf dream?
  5. Oh, definitely. Moraine was absolutely kick-ass and she was gone far, far too soon. It is little things like this why I rank Book 14 as the worst of the series. So many threads left swinging in the wind. I never knew about the planned prequel. It is a damned shame RJ never got to write it.
  6. Soooo....Is there any official/canonical art? Also, do we have any specific details on Perrin & Slayer e.g. height, weight, etcetera
  7. Thank you. I wasn't entirely sure whether book 13 contained some or not. Looks like I'm off to buy book 14!
  8. I should also state that I no longer have the books to check for myself.
  9. To clarify my original post, I meant to say what would change in the books. Maybe a plot line that wasn't fully realised or maybe just the opposite. To further clarify, I wasn't advocating the removal of the Seanchan from the books, I was more bemoaning the lack of a satisfactory conclusion. Tuon is a tyrannical dictator who refutes the truth when it's handed to her point blank. The Seanchan deserved some comeuppance for their atrocities.
  10. For me it would be the Seanchan. Almost everything about them disgusts me; the slavery and indoctrination/brainwashing of people; the stupidity of not looking into each others eyes; their sheer brutality and cruelty; and, worst of all, the frankly evil practice of turning people who can channel into fucking pets. The only positive I can think of is that they are very efficient, especially when compared to the other nations, and they do bring some sense of stability to the locales they conquer. What would you change and why?
  11. Hi all. I only just found this place (obviously) but I've been reading the books for about 13 years now. I've read books 1-12 three times each, 13 twice and only once for the final book. My favourite male character is a toss-up between Mat & Lan, and my favourite female character is Suian (probably spellt incorrectly but it has been awhile). My least favourite male character is Masema. The guy is just too off the rails for me. My least favourite female character is between Egwene and Elaide (that is more than likely the wrong spelling - it's the Aes Sedai who become Amrylin after been besi
  12. It isn't necessarily Rand being Tar'varen that is directly responsible for bringing the apple trees back to bloom and more the effect of Rand displacing (temporarily) the Dark One's effect upon the Pattern at whichever location he happens to be. This allows the Pattern, and therefore the area affected, to return to it's natural state (i.e. the state the Pattern would be in without the Dark One's taint affecting it).
  13. It has been over 2 years since I finished the final book so I've, naturally, forgotten a lot of things (other than the god awful ending (IMO)). My question is, in which book/s and chapters does the fight between Perrin and Slayer take place? That is, the fight where, at one point, they are trading blows whilst among the spectral figures of the Aiel who are defending Rand (I think). Also, is there any art of the characters within the books that is generally agreed upon by fans to be correct and/or considered canon? The reason for my questions is that I am looking to star
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