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  1. It's that very "innocence" that I'm worried might sink the show. People who are trying to compare this to Game of Thrones are seriously delusional. Many people joined the GoT band wagon only because of the sex and brutal violence. I'm not in any way demeaning the actual content of the show (and books), but it's a different audience that will appreciate the almost-Romantic vision of Jordan's pre-industrialized world. I think many of those people were tricked into liking a fantasy series (perhaps for the first time). The brilliance of WoT lies in foregoing cheap "jump scares" and "overly ma
  2. For me I was 19 and the first book I waited on was Crown of Swords. I remember when my best friend compelled me to read the first book, and I remember not being that thrilled with the story at first. Even with the Winternight action, I still wasn't hooked, and I wondered why my friend had led me astray in this Lord of the Rings ripoff. Then they arrived at Baerlon, which kinda felt like Bree... compounding my frustration. Then they arrive at Shadar Logoth, and the fellowship is forced to split up... and THAT was when the story finally clicked with me. I was suddenly engulfed in
  3. I don't know, i feel like you're giving Gawyn's character WAY too much credit. He's as two-dimensional as they come, and his thinking is likewise obtuse. Jordan makes it quite clear that Gawyn's sole motivation for his hatred of Rand was the murder of Morgase. He didn't even have the wit to show jealousy over his "beloved's" ex-boyfriend. At least THAT would be a normal human motivation. I think you're onto something, though, concerning the "need to be a hero" syndrome though. But I think you can tie that back to how he was raised, as well. He was born and raised to respond t
  4. Thanks, The Don, for asking this question that's been on my mind as well. And thanks, Sabio, for providing a plausible reason. I like the idea of the DO giving them each a "crash course" the best. For someone that can put souls into new bodies, it probably isn't too much of a stretch to add a "Rosetta Stone"-type of transference into the mix.
  5. I know he's everyone's least favorite character. I'm not immune to this. However, rather than focusing on the like/dislike of the character, I starting thinking about Gawyn's motivations, and the "why" he is what he is. Psychoanalyzing him was more interesting than I expected it to be. It seems to me that Gawyn grew up without a sense of self. He was told from birth that his life wasn't as important as the life of his sister. Even his mother, in her secret thoughts, worries way more about the safety of her daughter than her son. I think that he took this lesson to heart. I t
  6. Yeah, the Sharans are another victim of "imagine what RJ could've done with them had he lived" syndrome. There are many prequel possibilities here. I think (now that the cat is outta the bag with how the Last Battle turns out) RJ could have made a book apiece for the Forsaken and we would've eaten it up! I mean, i think there's a fair number of Origin Stories that hadn't been explored fully.
  7. Ha! I love "subtle top notes of horniness"! I think that's the newest Axe body scent. And I agree wholeheartedly on Perrirn. On that note, though, I kind of liked Berelain's character throughout. I'm sure I'm again in the minority here. She was such a professional when needed, but her alter-ego Super Whore was interesting, and gave her character a much-needed boost. Otherwise she becomes "just another Randite". I'd like to add Logain to the category of "couldn't stand him at first, but warmed on him later on".
  8. I do agree that the resolution of the Seanchan was unsatisfying. Destroying them entirely, or seeing the cracks in the facade would have been at least something. But for Tuon to walk away from that initial meeting with Rand really disappointed me. I really wanted to like her, since Mat's relationship with her kind of started to humanize her. There's being "strong" and then there's being "stubborn". She knows the lie, and she perpetuates it because she sees it as her claim to power. As for the post above written by therealElyas, I'm not sure if you're joking or not. But I thin
  9. Sabio, I agree with you completely! I'm just proposing that if the White Tower attacks the Seanchan directly, and the WT has no allies, then I think this hands the Seanchan a win. This windoesn't violate the Dragon's Peace since they were not the aggressors. If the Seanchan can eliminate the WT, and then wipeout the Black Tower in a quick guerilla-strike, who would stand toe-to-toe against them? Rand had a hard enough time uniting the nations against the Dark One, and he was the freaking Dragon Reborn? I fully expect Tuon to keep the Dragon's Peace (especially with the help of Mat), but w
  10. Okay, Devil's Advocate here: Although I agree with all of your points, I can see a way forward towards the apocalyptic future that Aviendha saw. Let me take you on a hypothetical journey: The new Amyrlin (with Egwene dead) screws up complete unification with the Black Tower. The White Tower (without the support of the Black Tower) goes to war with the Seanchan territories. This is more-than-likely, since many Aes Sedai were still damane captives of the Seanchan after The Last Battle. The Seanchan ultimately win this war since they have channellers that can actually c
  11. Hi WOT1402, sorry, i was responding to the OP, not to your post. I agree that the Seanchan were handled all wrong at the end, and it aggravated me no end to see Rand agree to it. If I were a conspiratorial fan, this pact might have been done on purpose to leave room for Aviendha's ter'angreal viewing to become a reality in the future? The Seanchan were villains that I loved to hate. The Foresaken and Black Ajah were outright evil, and they made no excuses. The Seanchan, however, were evil and did evil things, but the way they were written was just amazing. I wouldn't take them
  12. Interesting post, but I'm confused on if you're asking what you'd change about Randland or about the books? If you're talking about the books, I couldn't disagree with you more. You NEED villains. And a villain that makes you vocal while reading about them for the first time, is a win. I remember enjoying my first read of the WoT, but it wasn't until we finally meet the Seanchan that I had a "holy cr*p" moment! This was something new and surprising and downright evil. The fact that they have a rational justification for treating people like animals makes it that much more despicable to m
  13. I hear ya, Sabio, and I can definitely see where you're coming from. She didn't experience the same type of growth as did the other main characters. I guess I just view it differently. For me, Egwene is the embodiment of women empowerment that WoT strived for. I think her character arc beautifully portrayed a girl who was destined to lead from the very beginning. Unlike the boys who began the journey with her, she never played the "reluctant hero" archetype. She was subservient only to those whom she deemed worthy of it. I think the biggest lesson she learned was from the Aiel when they
  14. Ha! Well, I can see Gawyn not working for someone, but Egwene is pretty amazing once she hits Salidar. She got me through the brooding Rand, boring Perrin and emasculating Mat story lines. At some point I realized that I was looking ahead to see when we'd get an Egwene update, and seeing how she was going to put the idiotic Aes Sedai in their respective places. ?
  15. So, I was rereading EotW (for what seems like the hundredth time), and it occurs to me that many of the characters that were introduced to us throughout the series undergo such great character development as to be unrecognizable from their roots. Am I the only one who couldn't stand Mat in the first couple of books, and then suddenly he becomes a favorite? Same thing for me with Egwene until MUCH later. Whereas, Rand and Perrin undergo a reverse metamorphosis for me (going from favorite to... not-so-much). Here's my incomplete list. Any other ideas? Anyone flat out disagree with me?
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