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  1. so, I need ideas for any little club games. I've got a few in the works, but does anyone have ideas?
  2. i actually hadn't finished until a week or two ago, when i read white sands 3
  3. feruchemy would take it for me, if we were at a regular level. Storing strength, speed, health, mental speed, etc. would be great. If we had access to stormlight, possibly lightweaving? Actually, if Elantrians weren't centered to a specific locale, i would be an elantrian.
  4. Unknown until recently, when he said 'this almost definitely isn't the last you'll see of Taldain graphic novels' (or something along those lines) so yeah, taldain is gonna be graphic novels.
  5. sorry to disappoint, but no, he's not. He has it in graphic novel because he'll never have the time to write a full novel. And yeah, failed to do it again, but I'm leaving over the weekend, so... not doing it now either! Luckily you guys are the best and are facilitating your own discussion!
  6. the only thing I'll say is it's a Singer (the Parshendi for those who don't recognize the name) book, and will show us a lot about them
  7. Sorry guys, I kinda let the ball drop. I'm having some trouble in life, so I likely won't be able to be really active until that is resolved. In the meantime however, I want to know how much Cosmere has been read by you guys. Have you read all of them? Only the full novels? Not even that? Please let me know.
  8. For me, It was actually Warbreaker. This may just be that it's one of the Cosmere books I reread most recently, but I liked the magic system a lot, and the content was quality. After that, probably TFE, then Oathbringer. But I have to say, from what I've heard of Stormlight 4, it's shaping up to be my favorite by far.
  9. hey! I meant to join a while back, but I never did (I think). So here I am! I'm not gonna be doing any RP until I get further into the series, to avoid spoilers. and I'll take one of those brownies any time
  10. Welcome to the dragonmount! I like Perrin too. I think he's my favorite character (not 100% sure). And I've seen dislike of Nyenaeve on both this forum and the 17th shard, so you're not alone in that.
  11. Hey everybody! Glad to be here. I've got some plans for what we can do with this club, and I'll probably start them fully once things clear up a bit for me. Hopefully, that'll be in about a week. In the meantime, I'll be checking in every day (or at least every other day), getting familiar with the software, and making sure my plans are top notch. -Ark Nothing much
  12. I read Cosmere. And I started Wheel of Time because of him. (Which I still haven't finished ugh) I was a member of the 17th shard, and heard about the dragonmount... somewhere? not sure.
  13. Well, you do now. https://www.17thshard.com/forum/
  14. I've almost read all of his books... So, are you a member of the 17th shard?
  15. I'd highly recommend going to read Brandon Sanderson books, he has an extensive universe.
  16. Once you're done with Wheel of Time, check out some Sanderson books. The 17th shard is his fansite. I'm on book six. Cool!
  17. Hi, I came from 17th shard. I read Brandon Sanderson, and in my quest to read all his books, I'm reading Wheel of Time. Hi! Also, does this place have a roleplay section?
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