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  1. There is a description once of Moridin travelling using the TP' date=' I believe in LoC, and it says something to the effect of "The world around him screamed as he ripped a hole in reality and stepped through" (I will note that it's been over a year since I read this section, so I may be a bit off)[/quote'] This is correct - that was from Ishy's POV though. I thought RJ said the rippled instantaneous apparation is what it looks like from someone else's perspective when they see someone travelling w/ the TP...
  2. I agree w/ that - just Ishy's taunting to show LTT how low he's fallen
  3. BWB? Sorry - missed the acronym...
  4. Hello, operator? Please put me through to the police - I need to report a Hijacking! :lol: As Luckers and others have stated, the Rods of Dominion are indeed people - Governers as someone else stated. Not oath rods - no way, no how. Back to the Ring of Tamyrlin - ANY other information? I'm particularly interested in a visual descrption if one or part of one has ever been offered.
  5. I don't have a book in front of me, but what you're referring to is an AS saying that some waves are taught along with motions. So yes, you can tell who the teacher was by what the motion is. That said, I don't think the motion is necessary, just comfortable out of habit. I'm sure a talented AS could figure out a way to make a given weave work without use of her hands/arms.
  6. OK, so we get a reference to the Ring of Tamyrlin in the Prologue to EotW - Ishy says LTT wore the Ring of Tamyrlin: Commentary on the Ring of Tamyrlin states that it was worn by the first person who channeled - possibly it was the first angreal/sa'angreal/ter'angreal. Do we know anything else about it? Is it ever mentioned again in the text of the 11 published books? Has RJ said anything else about it? Do we ever get a description of what it looks like? Thanks all! Dave
  7. Excellent idea Leopoled - any HBO producers reading this? :D
  8. I agree with this too, so maybe we are talking past one another phlpr23. If the topic of this thread is "who would you not like as a person if they existed in real life?", then yes, Egwene would be high on my list for the reasons stated. However, I took it to mean "who do you not like as a character in the series?", in which case my answer stands.
  9. I'm 24 - started the series a few years ago I think. Its hard to keep track because Eye of the World took me a LONG time to get through...so I'm not really sure when I began :D
  10. Hypocracy. She disparages what she sees as Rand's arrogance. Yet if she was the Dragon Reborn I'd bet anything she'd be sitting there demanding the respect and deference due her position. She scolds the boys for their lack of manners while she walks around pinching people on the arse with the Power whenever she doesn't get her own way. I think that's part of why she's a good character. Someone mentinoed this before I think, but I like a lot of RJ's characters because their flaws give them an air of reality - no one is perfect and no one has it all. How many arrogant and hypocritical 20-something women do you know? I know plenty, to one extent or another. And plenty of men too - its a common flaw in many people (myself included im sure). So, that touch of reality for Egwene does a lot for me in terms of her character. My least favourite good guy? Rand. He whines too much and makes frustrating decisions. Again, in touch with reality - must be tough to have the weight of the world on your shoulders. But he still annoys me :P
  11. I'm impressed that you would know to, but I think you may confuse some of those who are less obsessed with star wars than we are :lol:
  12. And btw - Sir Ian McKellan as Thom would be BRILLIANT!
  13. As much as I love to see my favorite fantasy books brought to life on the silver screen, making WOT into a movie while staying even remotely truthful to RJ's masterpiece would be near impossible I think. Consider even one book - Eye of the World for example (seeing as it comes first): Can you imagine that fitting into even 4 hours, let alone 2-3? I can't: to much happens - beyond that, too much of later importance happens. Now, what could conceivably happen is to have someone make WOT into a TV series - sounds weird, but hear me out. Each season would consist of the standard 15-25 episodes, each being an hour long (HBO style). That would turn what was otherwise 4 hours (conservatively) of rushed screen time into 15-25 hours on television spread over several months. We'll soon have precedent for this as well: George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" will be made into an HBO TV series with similar paramters. I believe the first series is slated to air in 2009.
  14. Hi All - My name is Dave. Long time WOT fan - sorry it took me so long to create a profile here and start posting!
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