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  1. You can watch it, I'm skipping it. Look at the majority of posts here. The audience is getting smart, they can smell a bait-and-switch coming, from previous experience. It's like a storm warning. I think the writing's on the wall here. But some people have to get burned multiple times before they learn not to trust fire . . . .
  2. Ha ha! It's 100% mandatory & guaranteed. The only reason for it to exist is to create a new outlet for socio-political messaging. Everything is a PSA/After School Special now. Check out the head writer's Twitter feed: it's all you need to know. One of the many reasons I'm skipping it.
  3. There's no possible way this can be good. Everyone is setting themselves up for a huge disappointment. Only if hardcore fans insist that it's absolutely brilliant will I give it a chance. But I sure as heck won't be counting down the days and tuning in the moment it becomes available. The writing is on the wall, only a miracle could make this worth the time investment.
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