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  1. The Seanchan destablization only happened after Semi killed the Entire Imperial family. I think any culture would be similarily having problems if every single leader was wiped out. Think of Randland if every royal family and all the heirs were wiped out? Think of any modern day nation and if the entire government was wiped out...
  2. In Randland I think there will be peace internally. This is why Mat and Tuon will spend the rest of their lives taking back control of the Seanchan continent. I could also reasonably see some sort of skirmish or war between Shara and the allied Randland nations ( Seanchan excluded) There was that one prophecy that mentions The Last Battle done but the world not done with battles or something along those lines.
  3. She could be a Wise Woman Hero of the Horn. Caught Avi in the Dream and got Rand when the horn was blown.
  4. I see no reason why it should. Granted, you could define them purely in relation to one another, but it is possible to define the concept of good without it being in relation to evil. I am not great at debating philosophy over a forum but I will give it a shot. My interpretation of Jordan's message was that there is no good or evil as a physical thing. It is a perception of those with a soul, a choice. The sum of choices of these souls is the pattern (base code I mentioned before). The DO is a by-product of these choices but is outside of this universe and cannot directly affect it un
  5. TGS was by far the best IMO. After years, the book was close enough to RJ's work to give me hope, hope that lasted until AMOL came out. TOM, it was a bit off and too much time spent on Androl, which could have been used to clear up plots. AMOL fealt like a fanfic connect the dot project. At least we know how the plot points should end. I agree with book cover, it is AN ending.
  6. The Aiel were correct. Life is a Dream
  7. In a universe without evil how could you define good? It becomes meaningless. In WoT the Good and Evil are the binary base code of the Universe. Without 1, how can you define 0. The DO as a force of nature, either as a product or root, cannot be killed without altering the fabric on nature. It is like killing electricity, you can do all sorts of things to manipulate and contain it, keep it away,etc, but you cannot kill it, remove the possibility of it existing, without altering reality to make that true.
  8. I took the DF finding to be a Talent. Even early on Rand could see connections to the DO, such as those black cords on the Forsaken. He always displayed a talent at sensing the DO's connection to a soul, which is probably just a Talent held by the Dragon. Every other channeler has at least 1 Talent afaik, he did not have any that we were told directly and I assumed that his was the sensing ability. Mardon was explained many times. We witnessed the most powerful male channeller ever + a powerful Angreal + 400 years of the knowledge on the use of the OP. That is essentially the most anybody
  9. You have mixed up cause and effect. They were altering the pattern in their "conversation" to show different versions. The DO is not the CAUSE of evil, he is the PRODUCT of human evil. To "kill" the D.O. Rand would have had to make it so that humans could never choose evil, because when they chose evil the product was the D.O. In doing this he took away free will, as they no longer could choose between good or evil, which is the base code of free will.
  10. IMO The ending could have worked as it was written if it was modified slightly. What I had thought leading up while reading the book was that the army of Fades would completely overwelm the Light army. Then Fain would crash into the back or side of the fade army with his fog so he could get at the Pit. His final purpose would be to destroy an entire army of fades before being killed by Mat while he attempted to get into the Pit. That almost happened, but not quite and I was never satisfied with how it did turn out.
  11. It is my belief that most (not all) of the plot points in the last 3 books were accurate, I do have issues like many people with how these plot points were developed and the way and the quality of how they were resolved. I initially was extremely upset after reading the last book, after reading the series for 17 years, it was not what I was hoping for. In reflection though, my expectations were unrealistic given that RJ passed on. I am thankful for BS to finishing the series, however I do take his work as second level Canon. While most of the major plot points are accurate I do re-imag
  12. I don't feel there was an intentional racist angle but there could have been some subconscious race bias on the part of RJ. The OPs point about the Sharians is valid but also have you noticed how all the man characters are white? Rand, Mat, Perrin, Nynaeve, Egwene, Aviendha, Elayne, Moiraine, Lan etc, all white. There are some second tier characters who are not white e.g. Tuon. I always pictured Moiraine as a stereotypical Cairhein which are described more like an Asian group. Lan I interpreted as Native American features based on his many descriptions. The Two Rivers folk (minus
  13. I, like all here, am very excited and thoughtful now that it is so close. I have avoided this, and all fan sites, for most of 2012 to avoid spoilers. I want to saviour every page and word after the majority of my life spent with this series. While there can be neither beginnings nor endings in the wheel of time, this will be an ending.
  14. getting slightly off topic with the Rand conversation but I have had theory for around 10 years that Rand would be killed and then summoned by the Horn to fight the DO as he would then be immortal and indestructable (how can a mortal man take on a being outside the pattern?) Then after the battle Nyn will rip him out similar to what she earlier witnessed happen with Birg and Moggy. On topic, I fully agree that Lan will not die. I am not sure who saves him, but somebody will...
  15. For all those that don't believe the Seanchan could defeat the combined armies of the west, think of this scenerio: All the armies and aiel fight the trollocs and are slaughtered or at least reduced in strength considerably before Rand seals the bore. Many of the remaining armsmen go back to their farms or to settle the new lands. Due to the infinite wisdom of the Empress, the Seanchan do not commit all of their forces and suffer much smaller losses. In the disheaval after the loss of Rand, they are the most well equiped and organized bunch. Even so they would need a lot of lucky b
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