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  1. Dreamer783

    How come Rahvin doesnt recognize Mat

    Everyone has secrets but the forsaken hold back almost everything so they might have the upper hand or a slight advantage.
  2. Dreamer783

    Wheel of Time TV series gets a Showrunner

    Even though most adaptations of book series fail with the utmost pain, read then watch Eragon, I still enjoy seeing a good story. My brother and I still have fun watching those movies and TV shows if just so we can nit-pick. I have kept my love for the books through horrific experiences such as the adaptations of movies and can't wait to see TWOT come to the screen.
  3. Dreamer783

    Wheel of Time Wednesday

    As a Mat fan I am both excited and nervous for further developments, such as when will the Wheel of Time TV show air for the first time because I need to set my DVR.
  4. Dreamer783

    Brandon completes Towers of Midnight

    I thought the book was great and definitely focused on some of my favorite characters, including, but not limited to Mat and Egwene.
  5. Dreamer783

    Highlights from the Rafe Judkins Q&A

    I really hope that it has good character arcs. And please! Please! Please! Make Matrim Cauthon amazing!
  6. Dreamer783

    Happy 20th Birthday, Dragonmount!

    That's Great! My dad just finished reading the series to me and I am so happy he worked so hard to give people like us a place to share our thoughts.