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  1. You are right, especially about the third sword-fight Gawyn is trying to play his part, thats fine. Of course then we need Lan to beat him for our triumphant story. But Galad... he doesn't do anything. In fact he doesn't even die, a lot of Galad could be cut or even his character cut entirely.
  2. YES. YES. and more YES. While he is a busy man with a busy schedule, Steve Buscemi could pull of Fain very well. It's the kind of shifty back and forth that would really bring Fain to life. Plus if they got a big actor they might expand the Fain story line, something I'm totally down for.
  3. The entire plot summary published onto the web I think is less actual information and more trying to publicize that they have a female heavy world. While they may focus more on Moiraine then in the books, the entire focused on Moiraine plotline, is in my opinion complete press stuff. The story probably will still revolve around the Main Three the most.
  4. On interpreting the cultures I do not think that it will be to hard. A lot of the nations borrow heavily from one real world culture or another. If the screenwriters and directors can get it right all the cultures will be different but feel somewhat familiar to our world. Also if they can hire actors who are similar to the ethnicity from the books, it would make the show that much better.
  5. These points tie in with the vision scene Rand has while fighting the D.O. By completely eradicating evil he created something far worse. Shaidar Logoth is a mini version of Rands vision. They tried to eradicate the Dark One but instead became a separate entity of evil, a twisted form of the Light. Evil is not the Shadow and good is not the Light. This is further proved by Padan Fain wanting to kill both the Dragon and the D.O, he is not inherently Light or Shadow. In my opinion if Shaidar Logoth instead of being corrupted and destroyed was a city where all the citizens were like Fain wou
  6. I agree that having to many possible romances wouldn't work on a T.V. show. I instead think that instead of Egwene/Elayne its Egwene/Min, with egwene dropping out a little later.
  7. On my read throughs of WoT I never have seen the "abusive relationship" that some claim. While I'm sure that if I did look I could find some questionable parts, my theory is if I didnt see it without looking then there probably isnt to much there. Personally for me their relationship was mediocre and could be summed up pretty easily. Perrin loved her, Berlain chased Perrin, Faile gets mad at Berlain, Faile also loves Perrin.
  8. Padan Fain could have been made into a more used and better character if only he became the Dark One's hand. It would have made a lot of sense giving to his bringing of mayhem across the world. Also a darkfriend power duo with him and Slayer would have been cool.
  9. Both in appearance and weapon Perrin could give thor a run for his money in most Thorry.
  10. Can you imagine if the Lewis Therin in Rand cause him to be attracted to Lanfear. Think of the anguish it would cause Rand and the amount of new things they could use Lanfear for.
  11. Ok so there is a lot of talk on the other thread about the Worst Wot romances, but what about the best. While there is less good than bad I want to see what others think. For me it's going to have to be only two. 1. Rand/Min: One of the only fully fleshed out romances with actual character behind them. 2. Mat/Tuon: An opposites attract scenario but with plenty of charm during earlier books.
  12. Yes! This is the relationship that almost seems like a joke on reading. BS just said "hey Faile stops Berlain from chasing Perrin, let's see who's next in Perrin's arc... Galad oh that's great there both young hot people." I probably wouldn't even consider it a real relationship. Most romances arent the best but they pass, only a couple really stand out. Mat/Tuon was my personal favorite reading. The humor and love from Mat with the Seanchean PRINCESS who was learning how the non-seanchean lived was great. Rand/Min was great because to Min Rand was just the same ol
  13. You're right Perrin's character is very much the country man thrust into the spotlight without the crutches that Mat and Rand were offered. His acceptance of that leadership led to the very iconic scene of the crafting of his new hammer. My main idea was only that Perrin's story was intentionally single focused and played very similarly to how his character was.
  14. Always to me Perrin’s actions during the middle books were just...boring. I stopped really caring about his problems after the first book about his rescuing of Faile. He was singly focused, and completely tunnel visioned on his quest (and when the quest is mostly uninspiring that’s not great story material). Now it didn't quite dawn on me until I was re-reading the final three books that Perrins single focus mind set is one of his key traits. It’s one of his key struggles in ToM, finding the balance in himself. Now Perrin does come to terms with himself and in my eyes completely redeems himsel
  15. You're statements make a lot of sense, especially from the whole balance of the pattern theme throughout the entire series. The dark one is not the essence of evil, nor even an embodiment, but rather a Shepard trying to push his sheep's into the world. Even if Rand decided to kill the D.O. (and successfully carried it out) the end outcome would not be to much different than sealing him away again. People would still carry out evil actions and war and death would still occur.
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