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  1. Exactly, it comes right after the chapter where a character all but turns to the four wall and says “your imagination is better than anything I could explicitly say”
  2. Third Rule of Acquisition: “Never spend more for an acquisition than you have to” -Start from the Position the Bowl of the Winds belonged to the AS from the AOL and of the Sea Folk found one it was theft to take what was clearly never theirs, that modern AS have never given up search restore what was taken so scavengers/salvage rights do not apply, and they are not that they are authorized to relinquish the object. This last was still available to the A. Seat: a child can not legally sell his father’s sword. -Follow up with the offer that they will gain the talent of linking in exchange of the service. - add that if the are not satisfied with that, then the SF will have to be satisfied with the weather changes the Tower will make: as imperfect as AS might be in controlling weather. All that took me longer to type than to realize and articulate. To establish that the SF are this good at bargaining you have to show at least some of it.
  3. Well, I think the idea is that 3,000 years of otherwise human people in a situation. Where women can be wizards but that same power driving men made has created an imbalance that is deep in the culture. The Jungian archetype of the devouring mother is unchecked in the culture. It is the instinct of the masculine to kill the threat and teach purpose, the obligations of the father. The tyranny of the masculine energy is upon peoples, it is conquest, or it is subjugation, or a rigidity of immutable obligation to purpose each bound to a role that is chosen for them. Here we have the tyranny of the feminine energy. Where the feminine protects and nurtures the, when unbalanced, it infantilizes. It is a personal tyranny; see how all the women oppress the people with what is usually an individual verbal assault turning to each person in turn when cowing a group.
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