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  1. I see, thank you for the clarification! :)
  2. You speak of Ajahs and warders; are these gender constricted? I know this is the Internet and gender has become a sensitive and discussed subject worldwide. But keep it simple; male and female. Chaos and dark might be right up my alley. Guess I have to check out both of them! For the creative parts, I neither have the time nor talent to pursue that goal! :P I suppose the best way is to just stroll around until I see something the catches my eye!
  3. Glanced over at the social groups and it looks like a jungle to me, where and how would you suggest one to start off and sort of ease in to it? :)
  4. I'll try to remember that! Just gonna have to find/take time from all my other commitments (i.e books, movies and shows). :P
  5. Thank you all for the kind words! @Elgee Suppose I have to be honored being adressed by the Amyrlin Seat herself - even without an audience! ;) Thank you for the tips, I think I'll start with discussions at first and then venture forward from there. I'm not that much into role playing myself, tbh I haven't done much of it either, but the social groups might be worth checking out! Sounds perfect for a slow day at the office! ;) P.s. impressive post count by you all! Keep it up! :D Be seeing you!
  6. Hello world! Name's Marcus, long time fan but first time poster! I first started my WoT adventure back in the summer of 2011 as an audiobook experience (first time I listened to a book instead of reading). Initially, I only listened to the books as I was working out/jogging. Listening as I commuted to school wasn't much of an option as I only lived 5 mins away. Needless to say, it took me quite a while to work my way through the books. I finished the final book the 1st of December 2013 - My listeningen pace increased significantly around the 8th book as I figured I didn't have to jog while listening. The final book took me around a week - I just couldn't stop at it. I might add that I started out listening to the Swedish version of the books, but as only around half of the books are translated to Swedish (for a reason I do not know - considering how popular fantasy (and WoT) is in Sweden) one are forced to migrate to the English version sooner or later (or whatever language one prefers). Around the 5th book I transitioned to English, and it was quite confusing as some names (mostly locations) differ et.c, but in the end it was very educational - and I know that my English vocabulary has increased significantly since. On and off over the years since I finished the series, I've had flashbacks and walks down memory lane remembering the adventure of WoT, sometimes giving me the chills. For me, it has been obvious that I would reread the entire saga, someday. Now this day has arrived. This time I intend to do it right, reading them all (no audiobooks) in the language of origin. Two weeks ago I ordered the first 3 books ("new" paperback edition) and I'm about halfway through the first at the time of writing. I'm amazed how much really happened in the first book, how many characters and plotlines that are introduced that I may not had reflected over until later in the series. I'm hooked again, and already looking forward to adding the later books to my shelf. Gonna look real nice! This time however, I figured I'd involve myself more with the community and other fans, hence why I'm here writing this introduction. Last time I had some vivid discussion with a close friend at Uni along with my brother, but not much more than that really. I remember browsing the wiki from time to time, but that was quite hazardous due to spoilers. What do you guys and gals recommend doing to immerse oneself further in the story and the universe (I just got my membership approved here, so I haven't really browsed around anything yet)? As a non-native Englsih speaker, I guess I have to end with Sorry for my bad English, but I hope you understand! Regards, Marcus
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