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  1. GG mafia and everyone @AndrejSorry for my jerkiness to you in that defence thing. Still gotta work on the "don't be a brat to people online just because I can't take it out on people irl" thing...
  2. I have to get ready and go to work. I woke up late. Please accuse me and vote me so I can flip VT. That might be unhelpful but then I can stop being a distraction and I've helped if I helped Tripped (I actually don't know if I did, I'd just assumed because I'm arrogant :3) Vote Clov
  3. Mvp : me Now to Pat myself on the back and have a cold frosty one to celebrate. i don't like beer. I just think it's what the movies would show lol
  4. Also before I had a little chat about some rugby world cup tickets so had to leave my computer, I had skimmed that you said I care about my appearance more as scum @darc-star. It's news to me. Seriously it's like the reverse of battleshots when I was town read for being a dick for lolz...and I was scum being a dick for lolz. That was some lolz there. Good times. I like lolz. Anyway if I don't post, assume I've shot myself in the face. You know for lolz
  5. Sorry Cass. I don't know how to break quotes and cba trying. 1. EoD was literally the only part of D1 I was truly present ITT. 2. I do have thoughts on AJ that are unrelated to that. My thoughts to that are more how *you* see it as possi-protecting and your thoughts there. 3. If I was sleeping I wasn't ITT lol. I was going read D1 over Saturday and Sunday but something something about my life irl is, in the words of one friend, "some messed up ****" right now 😄 (but I got Cadburys!!) ^If me not reading is frustrating for people, just know: your frustration is not my intention, but I will take it if it's there ❤️ 4. I guess it would be strange to push as scum. I remember the Darc ISO Seph did D1 which I was thinking he'd made the effort, but I don't remember any conclusion. I guess I have to gauge if his deep wolf accusation is genuine paranoia vs clearing denial. 5. Hot take: the guy (or girl idk) who replaced Darthe is town! \o/ Liz taught me not to reads lists if I don't have to (any complaints on actions of Liz are directed to Clov. Always.) I can't organise my thoughts like that. Ask me someone specific.
  6. If I was exaggerating, wouldn't I want do it in a way that makes me look good? I'm also not denying your point. You are droning on though.
  7. I find you very tiresome too so we have mutual ground. I literally say Tripped had an issue with me: I say the reason was NAI If I'm busy as either alignment, I am busy as either alignment. That's how it works with me. I've had scum and Town games where I'm top poster and ones where I'm not and I'm somewhere in the middle. And I wouldn't nitpick your language if it wasn't unnecessary. You pointed out that she was the cop. I say "what's it matter". You say "what's it matter that you're asking what's it matter". In a longer. More. Boring. Way. As for the "no one is reading me the way you are" whining: I really don't care. I'm sorry if you think I should (which I odd because you basically accuse me of not having my own ideas and say here I'm bad for having my own ideas. Do we see a problem?) Maybe I'm wrong, seeing what's not there. Maybe I'm right seeing what is there. I don't ultimately care either way but the difference between me/you in this whole thing is I'm trying to figure you out and you going "HE'S SCUM COS HE DIDNT POST MUCH D1!!!! (extended edition)". Also, no, I'm not the only one suss of you for any reason. The only other person you're apparently scumreading said they were too as some others (I'd make a joke of that, but I really cba reading a paragraph at least of me being accused of OVER-EXAGGERATING DUN DUN DUUUUUN!)
  8. I'm pretty sure you bussed alette but it was something that happened later rather than sooner. And I'm trying to say you're someone I think would be a terrible lynch /shrug
  9. I know Darc. If she has a deep wolf game, I really doubt it would come from pushing a teammate because that's not her. Anyway I do keep pushing but who did you think was cop and why? You justed that in a thing about tripped and I wanted you to explain your reasons, but now I'm more wanting it because you're not answering.
  10. You bussed alette too in jungle but I was talking about you bragging about bussing Desthro. The Clov brag of "hey I did that. Lol aren't I a stinker". I didn't even read that game and I know from that what happened lol But what I'm saying is what I also know of that game is Des was being scummy. Did you misunderstand what I was saying in this post though that while you *can* buss, I think you're confident to not do it straight away.
  11. No my mummy told me I could be anything I wanted to be and I want to be Hallia!!! But no, let's be honest, except one post where you said why do you want to believe me or whatever you were pushing for me too. (Insert joke about having two at the same time) though.
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