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  1. I see, I see. You know, honestly I think I'm the only rper on earth that hates reading books. Worst part of that is that I'm even writing one myself. Anyway, Aeon Kingdom is based off the book that I'm writing, but it's not only a rp group, but also for games and such, as I said before. I'm going to try to see if I could work on something, though, because as far as I've seen, orgs such as WT and Wolfkin give off a sense of rp more than ooc. Well, eitherway, while I get used to how Dragonmount works, I'll join one of the already made ones most likely. Maybe afterwards I'll see what I can do.
  2. Ohhh. I see. I feel stupid now. Are these ooc groups or do they effect your rp?
  3. Unfortunately, I did not read all of it, but from what I did read, it seems pretty good. It seems like a classic plot, but that never hurts. Though I don't suggest you put so much of your novel on a website. The plot, characters and even that part of the novel could be stolen.
  4. Well thanks for greeting me! I greatly appreciate it. I've been rping for a little over 7-8 years. I still use my first character ever made. I usually stick to MySpace rping, since I do have a completely RP MySpace profile. There ARE some good people on MySpace... Just as there are some bad people: w4lk5 1nt0 b4r 4nd sh00t j00 1n th3 ch35t w1t gun! 'U deid!' *Shudders at memories* But, when people send me messages like that, I'm usually a big jerk to them and tell them exactly how I feel. Exactly. Anyway, I don't know if I'll be joining one of the groups yet. I'll probably be looking to make one of my own once I become a little better known in the forums or by the admins.
  5. In all honesty I cannot put up with any American animes. Except Avatar. All the anime I watch is in Japanese with subs, and if I do watch it on Adult Swim, it's just to laugh at how they translate and change things. It's really amazing how the original DBZ is different from the American. Also, did anyone know that Pokemon is rated R in Japan? I heard it somewhere. Supposedly for Violence, Sexual Content and Language. Amazed me, though I'm not sure if it's true. As far as anime, I can get used to anything, really, though my favorites would have to be: Chrno Crusade, Ichigo 100%, DearS, Bleach, Naruto, Zero no Tsukaima, and many, many others. Unfortunately, I've yet to find an anime with a good ending. Most endings make me cry or depress me... I guess it's because it is the end.
  6. Hello, everyone! I came across this group looking for Role-Play forums. This was the first link that actually worked at school as well as the one that kept my attention. After looking around and seeing a few rps that are currently going on, I became very interested. I am the leader of a group named Aeon Kingdom. We're small but looking to get big. We're not just rp, we also have categories for video games and many other things. We even have a sub-group made for Star Wars nerds. I'm here for many reasons, one is I love rp, the other is I'm looking for members and also even looking to see if Dragonmount would be interested in a sort of alliance. But that's something I'd have to speak to the admin about. Just incase, our website is here: The forum just so happens to also be a phpBB Forum. Hope to hear from someone soon! EDIT: Sorry, I've removed the link. Forgot about the 15 post rule.
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