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  1. Not sure if this Thread is still active, In fact, it definitely isn't, but I'm just gonna put my two cents in. Mat and Tuon was the worst romance in WoT no contest. It even beats out Gawyn and Egwene, Morgase and Tallanvor, and Perrin and Faile(all three of which are trash imo). Not only is Tuon herself one of the worst characters in the series, but the relationship is extremely unbelievable and rushed. And If everyone is forgetting this, it only came about because the Aelfinn told Mat he would marry the Daughter of the nine Moons. It wouldn't have happened if you hadn't told him that dummies!
  2. No choice for Logain? Guess I'll go with 'Other', or Rand, since he is my 2nd Fav. Why am I replying so late to this thread? I don't know, I was bored, alright?
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