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  1. thank you for doing what you can, it was getting really annoying that nothing but popups about some topic with weird language etc as title
  2. I don't look either but you are right someone is extremely bored, hopefully an admin or someone will clean up the first page
  3. agreed this is complete nonsense the whole first page is nothing but these topics that I can't even read
  4. how would I go about joining a social group?
  5. thank you I will do that, I am checking out the different social groups now but I haven't posted anything yet
  6. I do have a theory on that and its just a theory mind you, but my theory is this. The creator put part of itself in Rand to restore and give him new powers.
  7. New here just registered, but been checking out the site for awhile I'm a huge Fantasy and Scifi and comic book fan like WoT, Star Wars, Star Trek Warhammer 40K, The novels in the world of Shannara I started reading WoT kind of late back in college, I enjoyed WoT but I stopped reading after book nine for a few years and started to re-read the books I just finished the 9th book and working on the 10th book. My favorite character's of the series is Rand who was forced into the spot light, and his three girlfriends.
  8. what about Lanfear then of course that wouldn't last long I don't think
  9. yea it doesn't ruin the fun of reading, I just bear with multiple descriptions that is mentioned several times and just enjoy the series just thought of one, I think it would be vague enough and not considered a spoiler or hope not. Rand one of my many favorite characters has several dumb moments that I just want to "face palm" like seriously but then several other characters are like that with dumb moments
  10. not a fan of the whole describing things over and over again, got to the point that I found it annoying. Don't need to go into great detail 500 times or more on describing something that has been described several hundred times before
  11. I know its probably going to take me awhile to get use to her
  12. my problem with her is that it seems like she insults him all the time, someone who cares wouldn't be calling him names or insulting him all the time. Maybe I'm wrong but it also seems to me that she is way to needy and clingy to Rand as well If I had to really choose one It would be Aviendha
  13. newbie here, fan of wheel of time and just discovered this site that I have been visiting before registering who should Rand be with, well he does love his women Aviendha/Elayne and Min equally. Though of course he spends alot of his time with one of them more than others but it still doesn't stop him from loving the 3 equally. Would obviously want to spend more time with the others if he could, and to me each one has problems of their own that they cause. He has already chosen the three of them they belong to him as his girlfriends as he belongs to them as their boyfriend the 3 women are his true loves
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