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  1. Interesting observation, had not thought of it that way. The only thing I would say if it had been Mat with 3 women interested in him, Elayne would have been scandalised that he was leading these women on. Remember when she thought it was despicable that Mat was taking advantage of Queen Tylin ( How could a queen be interested in a scoundrel like Mat ). When she found out that Mat was the hunted, she thought it was hilarious. What you say could have merit because Rand is involved, but I really do not like Elayne. Tired of her do as I say, not as I do attitude and yes Mat is reckless and off hand, but has never deserved the treatment he gets from Elayne. Considering how many times he has saved her.
  2. I realise this topic may have already been discussed, but as I am new here I hope I will be forgiven. I always felt that Rand copped out of choosing only one of the three women in his life ( maybe it's the Aiel in him). For me it should have always been Min, she always had his back. When he was wrong she would tell him but not in a condescending way. Early on in the series she understood him and what he was going through. Unlike all the petty squabbling and jealousies directed toward him from Egwene and Co. Which brings me nicely onto Elayne. When Rand says without Elayne he would not have learned how to rule, I disagree with him. He was already surrounded by people like Lan and Bashere and Tam. The problem with Elayne is she would rush headlong into things, disregarding good advice, causing death of others, with this self righteous belief of I am always right and always took umbrage with any constructive criticism. And even when proven wrong was never contrite in any way. So no not Elayne. This is a woman I would run away from not to. Aviendha I quite like, but even she thinks that men left to their own devices would ruin themselves. I also don't subscribe to this " If you do not like some of the women characters, you do not like strong women". This to me is just rubbish to discourage any discussion on the subject. I like strong characters to be both male and female. I do not expect them to be right all the time. I do expect them to be humble and acknowledge when they are wrong. When characters fall outside this remit, do not be surprised when readers find characters like Elayne annoying. Sorry about going on to long, think I might have been influenced by RJ, but that's another thread. Min is my favourite. Who's yours and why?
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