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  1. Coughs delicately. A-hems loudly. Clears throat noisily. Wow. Just.....Wow. And......Wow. Remembers a code of conduct and looks at her with a crestfallen face. Um...you hath rendered me speechless, young lady. :P I must have been backspacing for the past 5 minutes now, trying to think of a proper response, and failing to do so. Maybe it's the ice cream.....
  2. Eyes you and chuckles. Yes... I do, Terra Firma. Smirks at that. You love me.
  3. Was about to reach for a brownie when all of a sudden they just....disappeared. Like magic. Blinks rapidly, and eyes the girl with a mouth full of brownie..... How Rude!
  4. *laughs!* Yes, said friend is Terra.......I'll get ya, girl :D. Thank you Tress :)
  5. Hello everyone! Brand spanking newb here in Dragonmount, but as the title suggests, not so new in the Wheel of Time world. I actually read the first.....five or six books before real life grabbed me by the ass and hauled me off. But recently, a VERY good friend of mine got me so worked up in the Wheel of Time series that I decided to give Jordan's greatest works another try, and so....long story short, here I am. Things are coming back slowly but surely, with the occasional slap in the back of the head as I get di'covale and .....*gets slapped in the head again* whatever mixed up. I am bringing a friend, said friend who gives me the occasional slap in the back of the head, to look for some RP. Well, friend hauled my ass here, to tell you the truth..... anyway.....Nice to meet you all, hope to see you around, preferably looking down at the bottom of a mug :)
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