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  1. OH! Jokes today, I see. grins devilishly I do...so much in fact that I shall bring you chocolate ice cream...while you are asleep, Jinxybeans.
  2. steals his brownies I have to take these....to be ummm tested. Yeah. Tested. Gotta make sure they are of high enough quality to grace your lips. Yup. Thats right. all this said with her mouth full
  3. When I did rp, it wasn't at a place like this. There used to be some online games, but that was...a long time ago. I also had done some live rp with a group that I'd actually met at a renaissance faire, but again, that was a long time ago. I have some brushing up to do for rp because it has been so long, but I miss it. So I'm definitely going to make way way there. I did a little recon in some of the social groups too and I'll harass some of them as soon as I'm finished with a project I'm working on with my kid and her friends. Also...brownies are welcome, but a drink would be divine. ;)
  4. pokes head into room and grins mischievously... Hi, I'm Terra and I read this series a long time ago and I even used to rp as an Aes Sedai. I got to talking to some friends recently about the series and got a little nostalgic and thought I would check around for some WoT sites and this one came up. I'm around, exploring the forums and fairly interested in the rp aspect of the place, though I plan on barging in on the social groups as well. So, hello Randlandians! Oh, and I might have friends follow me here. They're nice people, and they would LOVE it if you chucked water balloons at them when/if they come to say hi. I'll just leave these right here.... ;) sets a huge crate of water balloons down
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