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  1. The original idea of this thread was to figure out if the women on this board found the relationship between Rand and his ladies demeaning.
  2. Cadsuane is Demandred!!!11111!! :shock: Seriously though, i have a sneaking suspicion that she will die and it'll be Rand doing the killing. I've always thought her roots may lie in the dark side of things, maybe not. She'll do something HUGE though, i think. Im just not sure what.
  3. wow, thanks for the answers and theories. That's really got me thinking now.
  4. 130 pages about who killed asmodean!!!!? :shock:
  5. Sheesh, if this is only 10% percent of you then you must be a right b.itch to know in real life :lol: But seriously, you take that little 10% of yourself far too seriously. Chill out a little. *no offense meant, just having a laugh
  6. But the cheat to win thing always bothered me. Book 4 had a line in it about using the banished items to win a game. Part of it was "music to mesmerize" and i forget the rest. I wonder what this means in the real world, if perhaps there is a way to extract what you need from these people without paying the price.
  7. Huh? *raises and eyebrow and slowly backs away* *runs*
  8. Oi! Put a bloody >'< in your sig Mats the king Mat's the king Sorry :lol: Anyway, in the real world. ME starting an intelligent debate like this is actually sign of the last battle :shock:
  9. The thing with the whatchimacallit. Duh :roll: :lol:
  10. Best vid i could find was from the gig i was at. When he hit that first chorus and everyone just screamed along.........My spine damn near melted. I still have some of the goosebumps :lol:
  11. Ok, so i never knew there was a cd of music for the books. Having read the other thread, i now know this :lol: ANYWAY. What i want to know, is if each of the books were made into movies then what would you have on the soundtrack for any of them or what songs would you like associated with each of the characters. Basically it's just an excuse to throw bands and lyrics you like at the books 8) Alter Bridge - The End Is Here. I think this pretty much fits in just about anywhere and with alot of the characters. Endless day We search for what we hold inside So hard to find Luck turns Will the fallen ever reach within And rise again For the rest of my life I will find the answers That were always here I will find the meaning this time I will fight the end Till the end is here Wasted time With words that seem to break our will They blind us still Without a care They tarnish what we hold so dear What was once so clear For the rest of my life I will find the answers That were always here I will find the meaning this time I will fight the end Till the end is here
  12. I never got why she had Toh if they had all agreed to share him anyway. Also, Zardi, the questions you put up only refer to 3 people. In the book it's more of a love square than a love triangle which complicates things a great deal more. Maybe you and your best friend would share someone with you, but would you, your best friend and a close friend(who your best friend hardly knows) be willing to share a guy or girl?
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