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  1. The box office does not agree with this statement. Maybe YOU or people YOU KNOW may be getting tired of them, but it's not smart to take that tiny group of people and argue broad. Again, numbers don't lie. [Edited off topic]
  2. Really curious about your guys' thoughts. While I didn't necessarily disagree with what was presented as far as political messages in series 10, I thought that it was pretty on the nose and jarred the narrative quite a few times. EDIT: I actually LOVED the finale of series 10, as they for the most part put any politics in the backdrop and let the story run the show.
  3. I would've loved season 9 as a whole if they hadn't used freaking GALLIFREY as a backdrop for a Clara sendoff. You don't do that. And the diner thing was pretty dumb too in my opinion. I just wish they would've picked a story line and stuck with it: Gallifrey or Clara sendoff.
  4. Couple things: First, Hi everyone! I'm new. My name's Riley! I figured it wouldn't hurt to use my real name in my username here since we're gonna have CIVIL DISCUSSIONS RIGHT?? *cough cough* Second, I wanna throw my two cents in here: I think all of us need to find a balance here. Some of you are very excited and positive about this project, while some of you are extremely negative and doubtful that it can be pulled off. However, I think we can take a balanced approach to looking at this thing by looking at a few key ideas that are inevitable. 1. They're going to streamline. They HAVE to. Certain things that can be described in a book or in an audiobook simply DO NOT translate to a visual medium. Changes will have to be made and we have to be willing to make concessions. 2. Some of you have discussed that the seasons should be a book each. This is stupid. What takes paragraphs or pages to describe and show in a book can be shown on a SCREEN in about a minute or less. This happens a lot in WoT, so that chops the books way down. Theoretically, you could fit the first trilogy into the first season or two. Additionally, what tends to beef up the books is that RJ would spend chapters upon chapters on one character and then cut to another and spend further chapters describing another character's adventures, all of which happens at the same time. With a visual medium, this is unnecessary. You can cut and edit to show things happening to different characters at the same time, which further cuts the books down. All in all, they COULD do the show in 8 seasons. (I'd prefer more, but I'm not the one in charge) Because of the things I just described, I am extremely excited for this project. However, I am also reasonably apprehensive. Do I think they got the absolute best talents to head this show? No, I really don't. Sure Rafe may be responsible for some of the great episodes of AoS, but he's never handled anything this dense before. That has me nervous. Also, I'm sorry, but to call Sony a "little fish" and to call AMC an "even litter fish" is just.....I'm sorry, that's just ignorant (not to mention dumb).
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