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  1. Thom is in his sixties or seventies in the current place in the novels. So no, he's not a youngin'. He was in his fifties when he had Morgase in his lap. And his bed.
  2. Really, none of those make sense to me. Mat and Demandred? There's no evidence (at least I don't think so) that Mat's ter'angreal even works against saidin, and Mat is far from something as archetypal as the Light General, he simply commands the Band of the Red Hand. No evidence whatsoever that he'll be having any sort of 1v1 confrontation with any Forsaken. Nynaeve and Moghedien, maybe. There's obviously grudges and hatred there, but Moridin's firm reign on Moghedien may very well keep her from playing any major role whatsoever in AMoL. Tuon vs Aran'gar? That came out of nowhere. I don't even remember Aran'gar trying to kill Mat. No, I seriously doubt Tuon will be having any sort of duel with any channeler, especially considering her hatred of and refusal to channel, herself. Aviendha and Graendal; again, what? They haven't even had any contact with each other. Not once, in all the books. What makes you think they will in AMoL, especially a confrontation that would turn into some kind of duel? Fain vs Slayer vs Perrin; refresh my memory, what animosity does Fain have towards Slayer, if any?
  3. Yes, I know Tom Welling has been suggested a lot for Perrin, but he's too tall for that role. Way too tall. Perrin's not short, but he's supposed to appear stocky because of his broad shoulders, and Welling just LOOKS tall.
  4. I'll be sure to check out some of your work. Welcome. :)
  5. I don't think people hate them so much as they get frustrated with some of their stupider decisions, their more annoying aspects of their personality, etc. Perrin's blind obsession with Faile for one thing. It's frustrating seeing him willing to sacrifice thousands of lives just so he can save a half dozen people. Love or not, it's irresponsible. Of course, in the end it all works out, since he managed to defeat all of the Shaido in the process, ridding their presence from the continent. Except for the small contingent with Therava and Galina, of course, but still. Each of the characters have certain aspects that I find incredibly obnoxious; Perrin's obsession (as I already said), Rand's brainless chivalry, every single woman character's arrogance and sexism, Mat's constant denial of who he is, etc etc. Doesn't mean I don't love the story, though. :P
  6. So I was reading through the FAQ on wotmania.com for the first time today. Real fascinating stuff. Anyway, I was reading this topic, and it really made me think of how it would tie off in AMoL. Obviously RJ wouldn't add in this whole conspiracy for no reason, so my theory is this: Mat and Thom rescue Moiraine, Moiraine tells Thom who was involved in the illegal gentlings that most likely included his nephew, Owyn. Thom erupts in a righteous fury, so to speak, somehow makes it into Tar Valon, somehow assassinates Elaida, thus ending the seige and break in the Tower. Obviously that's the short-and-sweet, and I have a feeling that it'll be a bit more detailed and complicated than that. But it does make sense to me. RJ never seems to just add something for the heck of it, so Owyn's gentling should be solved in AMoL, especially considering Moiraine's promise to tell Thom who was responsible: "I will tell you the names of those Red sisters when I see you next, as well as the name of the one who gave them their orders. They did not act on their own."
  7. For Rand, the only person that I could possible see playing him is Tom Welling. He's got the build, he's got the height, he's got the age. All he needs is the hair and he's good to go. You guys have to remember that Rand is 6'5-ish, around 240 lbs. He's not your average joe when it comes to size, like so many actors are. I'd love to volunteer myself for Rand, since I'm 6'5", 240, myself, but that'd be getting a little full of myself. xD But then, tbh, if (and they probably will never do so) they make a movie, it'd be smartest to choose three brand new actors, never before heard of to play the three main roles (Rand, Mat, Perrin). The three leading ladies might very well have to be brand new, as well.
  8. You stole mine. :( That's a saying that I've tried to adapt into my life. Though the first time I heard it was Elayne, reflecting on one of Lini's sayings. However, it's been repeated several times throughout the books. I believe one of the Aes Sedai (can't think of which one) changed it around a bit to rhyme: "What cannot be cured must be endured." Though I like the original more. I've always detested rhyming when it comes to sayings like that. xD
  9. All common questions to ask. Can't be a gholam, because he says "You?" as if he recognizes the person about to kill him. A gholam is a creature, and Asmodean most likely would not have said "You?" as he would to a person he recognizes. He most likely would have just screamed, just said "No!" etc. Can't be Aran'gar, because, again, it has to be someone he recognized, enough for him simply recognizing them to cause fear. He'd never met Aran'gar, and thus could not have recognized her.
  10. Welcome. Andorans are boring. :)
  11. All depends on where the forum's server is located. If in America, the forum's should follow all of America's laws. Or whichever country. But copyright usually only extends as far as the marketing and commercializing of copyrighted material. Usage and modification of copyrighted material for personal use is nearly always fine.
  12. Two and a half hours. I used to be a forum junkie but I've slowed down a lot recently. Was an admin on my clan's forums for about six months, and so I was pretty much on those whenever I had time to sit at a computer (which was a lot).
  13. Now, this could very well mean that Rand dies, or there's a body swap et cetera, et cetera, but has anyone actually taken the time to think it through? Many of the prophecies such as this are cryptic, and don't mean what they mean on the surface. My theory is this: to live, you must destroy who you are. The death of the soul, or the death of the personality of oneself is something that is pretty common in all sorts of poetry and things of the sort. It could very well be taken to mean that Rand must eradicate the person he has built himself to be--the hard, emotionless rock--so that he can live at Tarmon Gai'don. Min told Rand that he needs Cadsuane to teach him something, and Cadsuane says at one point that she is determined to teach him to laugh and cry again. As soon as Rand relearns to accept emotion--happiness, sadness, grief for the dead, joy for the living--it could be said that the man he was has died, could it not? He would have been reborn. And it is only through this rebirth that he can hope to live at Tarmon Gai'don. Obviously my theory has holes in it. But it's an interesting line of thinking.
  14. Unlikely, really. A gateway isn't a weapon because it's not something that is directly harming an individual person. Unless of course they're using Rand's special Deathgates.
  15. I think we can all agree on the fact that, regardless of how you see the DO/Creator, they have no gender, and so the gender you associate with them is based purely on your own opinions and prejudices. If you want to think of the Creator as a female, go for it. If you want to think of the DO as a male, go for it. That doesn't change the fact that they are both neither.
  16. Yes, yes, I realize this. I was merely speculating. The DO allows them to use it, granting them access, but the reason they CAN use it, instead of simply being allowed to, is the fact that they are closer to eternal than the rest of humanity. Again, speculation. @Digbe: I realize that he can make a sandwich and things of that nature, but actually, he didn't create them. Nae'Blis and Shadar Haran are names created by mixing preexisting words out of the Old Tongue. Maybe. I'm actually not sure if Nae'Blis is an original term, or something from the Old Tongue. Anyway, when I said "no power to create" I mean, no power to create in the supernatural sense, as in actual creation, the formation of something from nothing, the kind of power mankind has never achieved, and as such has been labeled a physical impossibility. As for creating bubbles of evil, it's not necessarily creation. It is simply the power of his malevolence drifting through the pattern. It's a passive reaction, not something as direct as conscious creation, imo. Where does it say that the DO created the TP? It simply says that the DO allows the Forsaken to channel the TP through him, but not that he actually created it.
  17. In which book and where? I can't believe I'd have missed something that important...
  18. Not inferior. Optimized differently. He created the TS for mortals to use. The TP is his own power, to be used by the eternal entities (himself and the DO). The Forsaken are partially immortal, so they can use it, but not as well as the Creator and the DO. Somewhat like a piece of software being good on Windows but not so good on Mac. It could, also, very well be that he didn't create the TP. It, like him and the DO, is eternal. It is the power with which he creates, so how could he create it? Oh, and saidin and saidar aren't different powers. They're the same power (the True Source/The One Power), split in half to be used by either gender.
  19. Hang on, what? Where does it say anything about the 7th age in the books?
  20. Yes, he has to have a power source, but using that power doesn't make it exclusively his. The electricity a toaster uses to make nice crispy toast isn't exclusively the toaster's. And the Forsaken consider it his touch because they can only channel the TP through the DO, for the reasons I stated previously.
  21. Ah, but there are neither beginnings nor endings to the turning of the wheel. And Ishamael claims that the DO and the Creator have battled using their mortal pawns hundreds, thousands of times. So perhaps it is simply saying it is the seventh known turning of the Wheel?
  22. That doesn't really make sense to me, because, in my mind, the DO has always embodied the exact opposite of the Creator. As such, the DO has no power whatsoever to create, and thus he could not have created the TP. You'll notice that he never creates anything throughout Randland's history. The Shadowspawn were created by Aginor, and all of the DO's followers are simply the creation's of the Creator who were seduced into following the DO.
  23. That's a great point, there. Rather than her simply following the DR now and having been a Darkfriend in the past, perhaps she is working undercover as a Darkfriend for her own intents and purposes. She serves the DR wholeheartedly, and acts as a Darkfriend to find out what's happening on the other side, perhaps? Merely speculation, but it's an interesting line of thought.
  24. I don't mean to say that that makes him male. I'm just saying that when you think "evil" the gender you attribute to it is generally going to be male. And not necessarily evil. Actually, I believe it is mainly the vast power that makes us think male. The same reason why we think of God as being male. Omniscient, omnipotent? Much more masculine traits than feminine, however you look at it. I'm not trying to be sexist, that's just the way the modern mind has been conditioned to think.
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