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  1. Its been a couple of years since I first made this post, but I just discovered a copy of this book that SOLD for $1000 and another 2 copies listed for $1500 and $2500. Additionally there was a signed copy listed for $8500.
  2. I recently purchased a copy of "the gathering storm" hardcover that DOES NOT have rjs printed signature in it. I tried looking up to see if this was something normal but every post or discussion says it is printed in every one of them. Anyone know if this is unique or just a normal thing?
  3. Yeah I've searched eBay and Amazon thoroughly with no luck, I can't even find it on abebooks which is a shocker. But your find at the library is amazing!
  4. Its the red cover promo of part one The Eye Of The World. I can't find it anywhere on the internet I've searched everywhere only finding it in one place online http://encyclopaedia-wot.org/main/biblio/collect.html It mentions it's one of the rarest jordan collectables. But after searching all auction sites online Ive had no luck in finding it. Any other information anyone can provide would be very helpful.
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