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  1. I am of the minority who love the original book covers. Maybe there are some inaccuracies, but for me the covers are what grabbed my attention and got me to pick up fantasy. In my opinion they are iconic and they just bring back memories. Are the new covers better art work........ yes they are. Are they more accurate...... indeed. But all that can not make up for the nostalgia of the originals.
  2. I want a weekly release. Nothing beats the anticipation for the next episode to be released. It also stretches out the enjoyment over a period of weeks rather than watching it all and then having to wait a year for the next season.
  3. Okay, I'm also a member of Malazan Empire forum. Someone over there was asking for suggestions on another long, in depth series to read. Someone suggested WoT and it was met with almost scorn. People were saying that as compared to Malazan, WoT is like children's books! I just dont see that. I am really enjoying Malazan right now, but just because it's a little more confusing than WoT does not make WoT any less thorough or complex. I think it just shows how good Jordan is to be able to give the reader thousands of years of history in a way where you can still grasp what's going on.
  4. Since it seems the show will focus on Moiraine as the lead character, I feel they will need to cast a relatively big name for her. One I would like to see for Moiraine would be Christina Ricci. I think she could definitely pull it off.
  5. That is what I have heard about Elantris, both from ppl on here and from elsewhere. I currently just finished book 4 of WoT and am now halfway through book 5, so it'll be a bit til I can get to it. On top of that I dont know what to do now. My wife went to a used book store yesterday and surprised me with books 1-6 of Goodkind's The Sword of Truth series, which is another series I have been wanting to read. Any input on SoT series?
  6. I am somewhat ocd about stuff like that, lol. Wanting to have the full background of everything, even if it doesn't impede understanding. What series/book would be a good starting point for reading his books? I still have some books yet to read of WoT, so I still have a while until I begin reading them.
  7. Has anyone read this series? I was considering my next fantasy series to begin once I complete WoT and considering Sanderson wrapped up WoT, I figured I would give this series a try.
  8. Hello everyone, I am new to this site. I had read the 1st 3 books about 8 yrs ago then got sidetracked with going back to school while still working full time with 3 kids. I picked the series back up about 2 months ago and reread books 1-3, then New Spring and now Im about 550 pgs into The Shadow Rising. This series is just flat out amazing. I can't seem to put the book down once I start. Any ways, glad to join this site and meet others who love this series as I do. I truly hope that the tv series will do the books justice and am really excited about it (if they do it right). I just have this fear that they will butcher it and it will be bad.
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