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  1. Kiri


    Thank you all for the welcome! Thank you, Ryrin! That was one of my first questions so I very much appreciate that. :D Hi Arie & Chaelca! :D It's great to see you guys here! Favorite parts of the series... that's a hard one. I always like seeing our heroes do awesome things, Mat in the sparring ring with Gawyn and Galad in book 2 is definitely a favorite. I also like most of Egwene's experiences with the Aiel, she learned a lot about herself and about being an adult from them. As for favorite characters, I like pre-book 7 Mat, pre-book 5/6 Perrin, post-book 4 Egwene, early- and late-series Nynaeve, and Lan throughout the whole series. I have never really liked Rand, though I understand why he is the way he is, he just doesn't work for me. I think the ending should have been quite different. I kind of hated the last chapter of the series.
  2. Kiri


    Hello! I'm new around these parts, which probably isn't much of a surprise... I picked up the first book as a kid over two decades ago and fell in love pretty quickly. Since then I've read the series... more times than I care to admit. hehe I'm happy to be here, looking forward to finding my way around. (For those on tarvalon.net, I'm Elanda over there)
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