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  1. I've heard great things about the movie. Wakanda has a wall, they keep out illegal immigrants, and the focus on using their own resources to help their own citizens instead of wasting resources for ungrateful foreigners. The movie goes too far for my personal tastes though. Wakanda is actually about Black Nationalism and Black Supremacy. Wakandans are racial segregationists and I don't care for that. I'm wondering if the movie is a stealth parody. Though technologically sophisticated, culturally the Wakandans are regressive and backwards and operate in a near feudal system. The Wakandan royalty and other noble classes live lavishly while those who are not part of the upper classes are practically serfs. Behaviorally the Wakandans operate with a literal king and the ancestry is passed down from father to son. Feminists are remarkably silent on this bit of irony. Althought to be fair, the King's guard is composed entirely of women. Only men can rule in Wakanda and if there is ever a conflict of who is next in line, it is done via a duel to the death. For all of the supposed technological advancement, it is a backward civilization, no more advanced culturally than the ancient cities of Gilgamesh. So in an ironic way this is a movie that should somehow satisfies those on the far left and the far right. Far leftists get their "Black people movie" and can sing the praises of how great that is, while blissfully ignoring the disgusting portrayal of an all-black society as a culture and regressive themes of the movie. For the far right, they can take those same disgusting things and run with them in order to justify racial segregation. After all, the movie portrays a racially segregated society as an absolute paradise. Even people who have no extremist agenda on either side can still enjoy that this is a really good movie about political intrigue since the villain, Killmonger, is pretty much a Black nazi sans the advocacy for the murder of Jews. And who doesn't enjoy hating Nazi's? Speaking of which, he is an intriguing character in his own right when contrasted with T'Challa, the heir of the throne and it makes for an interesting dynamic between them. Somehow Marvel has pulled off a movie that does have something for everyone. If I told you that a movie about two Black nationalists racists (T'Challa only slightly less so than Killmonger) fighting to see which brand of racism will become the status quo for the country of Wakanda, and moviegoers would love it, you'd probably thought I should lay off the crack pipe. But Marvel has done it. By Jove they've done it. Marvel Movie Magic pulled off yet again. Would I recommend it? Not in the first two weeks tbh. But that's because I hate watching movies in crowded theaters.
  2. In that case I'll just spam Trump memes.
  3. /in This place comes highly recommended by Shad.
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