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  1. Thanks Nikon ! I will take a look at the various groups, thanks for the help
  2. Thank you, With 129 point of view characters throughout the series Jordan supplied plenty of variation. I have to agree with most people that Mat was one of my favorites. Although some would disagree with me I found him to be more witty in the last 3 books. I found his interactions with Deathwatch Commander Furyk Karede hilarious for example. Book 12 for me was one of my favorite, I enjoyed the pace difference Sanderson added but felt the character depth was lacking. I am however happy with what he did with an impossible task left to him. How about you ? Is there anything you loved/hated ?
  3. Hello ! Im new to Dragonmount and excited to research all of the varied opinions the fantastic fans of this series have to offer. Over a year ago I had to spend a month in hospital and I read Tolkiens Lord of the Rings while bedbound . Following this, I swore that I would start and finish the WoT series in a year!. Although I took a few breaks here and there to read some non-fictional works (especially around book 10) I was always excited to gallop back into Jordans exciting creation. Although some details irritated me, my love of the story and characters always made up for it and I can honestly say I had a few tears in my eyes upon the curtain call. I may be late to the party and deep into the fourth age but at least Im here now :) Thanks