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  1. @Dar'Jen - Thanks for saying hi. I think I have more questions than make sense to try to squish into this thread. I'm with Slayer -- jealous a little that you're still reading. Glad to hear you're new too and enjoying it. @Eglee - so PSD is the name for what I have. I think you may be on to something. I'm not one to re-read I don't think. But when I'm in the mood I've been just picking up the books and reading a random chapter or two here or there. Somehow that works for me. @Slayer - I thought about reading more Sanderson. considering how much I really loved how the last few books flowed. To me those seemed a less dark, and just more generally positive. Part of it I'm sure is just where the story arc happened to be for his novels, but I found myself wondering if Jordan really would have taken things the way Sanderson did or would it have been completely different.
  2. Thank you all for the warm welcome. And the help! @Chae - Dragon Age looks cool. I have to be careful with games -- i tend to get sucked in but maybe that's what I need right now, @Nolder - Shannara I read as kid back in the early 80's but i don't remember it really at all. I've thought about revisiting it though. Thank you for the idea ... @Ben - yes, I've been using WoT as a distraction for a breakup in my own life and it's worked quite a bit better than I expected. I got somewhat immersed in the characters and the world over time and that doesn't happen to me easily. Anyway - I am poking my nose in here to see if maybe I can continue my obsession just a little longer. @Ryrin et al - Thanks for the heads up on the groups. I was hoping there was more activity out there than maybe I can see - so I'm glad to know that's true! Being completely new to the board, I'm enjoying just reading some of the back threads I can see, but I'm curious for sure. I'm thankful for whatever advice you can give or pointers on where to start. I like to write and to roleplay but am terribly slow and careful when it comes to jumping in to worlds others have spent so much time creating. I know etiquette and convention is a little different from one place to the next so I will try to read all the introductory stuff i see out there before I stumble in ... For now, its fun to be the noob and having all options open.
  3. I still miss it. I started the series in June. Was on Lord of Chaos by the time I went on vacation in early August and finished a little over a week ago and I'm still reeling. I've read lots of other engrossing Epics but nothing like this. Song of Ice and Fire, Rothfuss' Kingkiller Chronicles, Lord of the Rings, The Thomas Covenant books, Ken Follet's Pillars of the Earth books --- loved them all but not like this. Its nice to have closure. I love how things ended - loved Memory of Light and even slowed way down reading it just to savor it a little. But now I'm .. rudderless. What do i do now? I've taken to binge watching TV because I don't think I can start another anything for a while. I will miss my Aes Sedai and all the rest a little too much. But 'This is Us', 'Versailles', 'Walking Dead' and 'Rick and Morty' can only distract me a little. Not even the the new 'Blade Runner' worked -- only made things worse. I feel like . Just lost. Did anybody else experience this after finishing the series?
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