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  1. This is pretty random but one of my least favorite parts was how Mat's killing Couladin was described in a flashback. That could have been one of the most epic scenes in the whole series. It represented the end of a storyline that had been progressing for almost 2 books. And it's a huge win for Mat in general. Instead it's like "Mat looked over at Couladin's head on a pike" or something, and then fill in the backstory from there. So we already know how it ended, there's no buildup or suspense. Just tell the story linearly please.
  2. Can we start polls here? Maybe we can gather a dozen or so options together and crowd-source it.
  3. Hi all, I just finished reading the Wheel of Time for the first time. I started in 1992, got through the first 11 books as they came out, but then decided I needed to start over before reading the final three. I didn't get a chance to do that until this year. My wife got pregnant and I decided it was now or never! I finished AMoL a few weeks after my daughter was born. Pretty special. Really happy with how the series turned out in the end and how well BS did in completing it (I understand there are different opinions but to each their own). I'm new to the site. I figured there was a thriving online community surrounding the series but had deliberately avoided it to avoid spoilers. Now I'm down the rabbit hole reading fan theories and picking up some things I've missed. Lots of fun. Anyway I did a quick search and didn't immediately see this topic, so figured I'd start it. What is your favorite single scene in the series? And if you can't narrow it down to just one, what are some of your favorites? For me it's Rand's revelation on Dragonmount in TGS (including the events that immediately preceded it; his confrontation with Tam and then going to Ebou Dar and seeing how happy everyone was). I loved how it was built up for so long over the previous books as he got more and more withdrawn; it felt like a huge release just as the pressure got too unbearable. It also happened early enough that we had the next two books to enjoy zen Rand. 1a might be the battle in the sky at Falme. That absolutely enthralled me when I read it the first time at age 12, and I felt the same emotions again this time around. So epic. There are obviously a lot of others but just wanted to see if there are a few scenes that a lot of people really enjoyed.
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