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  1. one i think thats realy funny is when rand is locked in his room and all depressed and not eating and min comes and gets him to leave and when the madins bring in the bath tub and he is getting ready to take a bath and he notices min sitting there watching and he just plops in the tub and then she startes talkin about him with the madins and then she tells rand he has to get out and get dry some time.. i mean who wouldnt want to just jump out naked around like 20 chicks lol
  2. my favorite character was perrin b/c of how he is towards evey thing he is cautois but fights for wat he loves but as it turns out i like mat more simply b/c i cant wait to see how he and his new wifey will get along lol i like how they end there part when tuon realizes she doesnt no mat at all i love it!! anbody els like that besides me or am i a being crazy. from keith
  3. hey world lol i also got started reading these kind of books with harry potter and the redwall books lol i have all the books brian jaques has writin for that series and i stil like to read them but i could never get into the lord of the rings i thought his writing was a little dry idk y but i just couldnt get into it.. and i started reading the WOT books for a bookreport this year in 9th grade and i also got one of my freinds reading TEOTW by telling him i would read eragon if he read it so thats wat im reading right now. pretty awsome book.. nuthin on JR's work but still pretty good. talk to u all later from keith
  4. hey liesie_sedai whe i sed love i realy mean love like not realy obsesed but definitly favorite books of all time u sould cool if u wana talk some more pm me or sumthing or email me that goes for any body hear lol my email is keith_allen12@hotmail.com send me some email if u guys want anybody can and i encurage it. from keith
  5. hey that does sound awsome i think it would be an awsome HBO seiries but it would prolly take a long time to make lol and idk how long i could wait if they anounced it hey i hope more ppl hit this thread so we can gets some major views talk to u all soon i hope from keith
  6. wow guys lol i didnt think my thread would get this many hits lol or spark so many convorsatoins and interesting ones at that lol maby i should post some more in places lol and see wat happens i already got one its WOT as a movie would u watch it check it out if u havent already and give me ur views on the topic.. talk to u all soon i hope from keith
  7. hey guys date whent great we when and saw a movie. and lol no egwene we werent in the tent we were fishing by the edge of the lake still realy scary though. i had my first golf practice today and we thought we were just gona play golf well we had to run around the cors lol idk how to spell that but any way i fell asleep when i got home it was a tireing day wat with school again and wakeing up early and haveing read book 6 last night till 1:30 in the morning.. well i gtg post again if u want guys talk to u all soon. from keith
  8. ok i was readin the start of this and cpac i realy think that if u dotn like how RJ writes then y are u hear learn to deal or dont read them ..simple i for one love the depth he putes into the books i mean when i want something to read i want something as thik as my head lol u no atleast 800 pages or els its not as enjoyable cuz u cant read it over days i like to enjoy my reading and i intend to defend RJ with the last ounce of my will lol bad talk RJs wrighting u can get out..nuf sed.. from keith
  9. Ok guys this is my first thread so dont make fun of me... any way i just wanted to no if they made WOT into a movei it would be like 6 hours long now idk about any of u but i would sit there till it was over would any of you be there with me to watch it from start to finish tell me hear lol.. from keith
  10. the caracters i dislike so much are mainly are egwene and elayn i cant spell i no .... but i mean egwene thinks she knows wats goin on and wats best for rand well i think she should shut the heck up cuz she has no idea and i agree she takes a spankin woopety dooo rand would laff in there face if they did that to him she would prolly have a heart attack if she dealt with rands pain... and elayn OMG she is the most stuck up arogant character i have ever read about like when shes all like i dont care im going to bond rand no matter wat like he doesnt have a choice granted he did agree but i mean i hate that she expects things to be done her way and hers only i dont care about the pregnant thing cuz i got 4 sisters and i no how crazy they get when there hormones are actin up.. but i mean omg she is so arrogant mat is wright she is the total stereotype noblewoman ... i wish i could be in the book so i could smack some sence in to them and another set of characters i tind to dislike is the aes saidi they think they all high and mighty well now there all grovaling to the wise women and bonded to ashaman and the white tower is goin extinked till egwene can get the amrilian seat away from elida ....wow lol i realy got into that lol well ttyl ... from keith
  11. hey sevanna ur not alone i do that too i always wish i was in that time.. were theres not so much mechanizatoin of the world and there are real adventures happening and yea i do also look at the series characters and be like y the heck didnt u just kill that guy or say this or do that it drives me nuts sometime lol
  12. i started reading this this year lol and i love it lol im 15 goin on 16 in may
  13. hey guys wats up i started reading the 6th book its awsome lol just as good as the first time lol but i got school tomaro so i cant stay up to late lol only till like o say 12 or 1 in the mornin lol then ill wake up drink a pot of coffee and do my compare and contrast paper about romeo and juliet and another storry its so bad lol cuz the other book was horible made me want to through it lol just awfull. well i hope all of u are haveing fun and had a good weekend this week fo rthe last 4 days of spring break we been stayin up till 5 in the morning every night campin at the lake fishin and readin and makein huge campfires lol we had to leave though cuz some drunk guy drove his car into our tents and hit a tree and we had to give witness statments to the cops about wat he did lol kinda messed up but still a great spring break. well see u all i gota get ready for a date lol im pickin her up in about 15 minits lol ill tell u all how it goes later. from keith
  14. hey guys im back i had a great time i got the prequal of the series and im almost done i just started on it yesterday lol its awsome and i cant wait to finish it.. the bookstore we whent to was huge it was like 3 storeis tall and had coffee shops in them and lounges i think me and my sis spent like 9 hours in one it was so much fun well lol its 5 in the morning and i still havent gone to sleep cuz i been readin and doin other stuff so i think i might go take me a nap i hope to talk to u all after i get some rest ttyall later ... from keith
  15. hi im keith just got this site like 3 days ago and i love it still dont no how to use it well yet but ill learn. well hears a little about me im 15 play football swim paintball but most of all i love to read anything that catches my eye. i hope plenty of ppl respond to this id love to meet new ppl who also enjoy the same books as i do... oh hey i gtg my dads callin me im going to go stay with my older sis and were gona go to bookstors all weekend the big ones with the coffee shops and lounges in them i think ill pick up a WOT book idk i think ill read book 5 or 6 again. well tty all later from keith
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