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  1. Ah, I see what you're saying. Sorry I misread. The answer however, I believe is the same. The collectors that are willing to pay large sums only want the true first. Regardless of the book. Not to say the 2nd state isn't rare (it appears to have been about the same number of copies as the first state) or that it doesn't have value- it clearly does. But the same rules apply: its not the first state therefore the demand (and perceived value) is likely far lower. I could be wrong, as I said- I haven't seen any for sale, although I wasn't really looking for those so perhaps I missed them. But- I think a seller would be hard pressed to convince any legit buyers that their value of the 2nd state was close to that of the 1st. If they're close, there is no reason not to spend a little extra and just get the true 1st which is what any collector would do.
  2. Thanks so much! Its definitely going to be a book I hold onto forever. Now that you mention it, I haven't seen any 2nd state printings either. Other than the 1st, I think the next closest I've seen is a 4th or 5th. The earlier the impression, certainly the more valuable it is. Especially if its signed. I've seen signed 5th impressions of The Eye of the World selling for $500-600 on ebay but I doubt they will hit that goal. So they would certainly be valuable. But the difference between first impression and second impression value is probably significant. The reason being that "true" book collectors won't have any interest in anything but the first impression so the demand (and hence the value) falls off dramatically between first and second impressions. As an example, a first impression of The Hobbit could cost you between $40,000-75,000+ depending on condition. A 2nd impression could cost you $7,000 - 18,000 depending on condition. It's sort of like finding a rare old book that lost its dustjacket. Is it still rare? Yes. Does it have value? Yes. But collectors wont have nearly as much interest in it so its value may be only 20-25% of the value of the same book with a dustjacket.
  3. Just an FYI to share with anyone interested or who is also searching for this book. I did end up finding a copy from a private seller and the negotiated the cost down to $1,500. As I said above there are 2 or 3 other copies floating around in the $2,500-3,000 range in various online resellers and most others are in collections but if you search for awhile and can negotiate, you can probably snag a copy for a lot less. I will say though that I'm surprised how hard these are to find. I've bought other rare and old books before and this one was one of the most challenging to locate. Finding another copy in this price range may be difficult but if you're patient, search high and low and haggle- you may have similar luck. Some pics below for anyone interested. All the first impression marks: bound in 16page signatures, the open font on spine, $24.95 dustjacket, full number line etc. Signed by Robert Jordan and Darrell K. Sweet (the artist for the dustjackets in the series). The book appears unread in near fine condition, little bit of tanning on the inner dust jacket flaps but otherwise in wonderful condition.
  4. Thats a lovely anniversary gift! I've found 3 hardcover first edition/first printing for sale. One in fairly rough condition for about $1,500 and the other two in really good/unread condition and both were close to $3,000. Of course, not sure thats what they're actually worth as no one has actually bought they. Thats just the asking price, I'd assume a serious offer in the 2,500-2,700 would probably get you a copy in fine condition. I found 2 others, but they were being sold in collections with all of the WoT books and ranged in the $4.5-5k range for the entire collection.The majority of that cost being for just the first two books which are both far more rare than all the other printings. Just sharing details on what the current market is for those who may be curious.
  5. Thanks Ryrin, I've found a few copies on the internet through various websites but I'm also curious if there are any private sellers
  6. Hello, I’m currently looking to purchase a 1st Edition, 1st Impression of “The Eye of the World”. Ideally signed, ideally in hardcover. I would consider a 1/1 signed paperback as well. Condition is of vital importance. Looking for something unread, or at least very lightly read. Not interested in advance reading copies, sorry. Yes, I’m aware of the value of these, I collect rare first editions and WoT is very high on my all-time list so this has ended up on my “bucket books”. I figure with as many WoT fans as there are on here, perhaps there may be a few who happen to have copies they’re interested in selling. If so, feel free to message me or comment here with details. Thanks for reading!
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