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  1. Well that looks like a "second" and a "third" to me! The Sanderson bashing on Dragonmount used to be terrible. I understand if you don't like his style as much, but some of it got really personal and was incredibly unfair. The arguments weren't very well though-out either beyond "he's not RJ".
  2. It's not bs at all. Lots of long-time fans appreciate the good work that Sanderson did on the series. That's just a fact.
  3. I am a long-time, multiple-readthrough-of-the-series fan, and I thought Sanderson was incredible. AMOL wasn't exactly what I wanted it to be, but Sanderson deserves a huge amount of credit. RJ had gone completely off track for several books. I put The Gathering Storm up there with the best in the series.
  4. Reading through this entire thread, the best argument seems to be that Nakomi is an avatar of the Creator. It's not definitive, but the people arguing it have presented the best evidence and made the best case by far.
  5. Sanderson did an amazing job with The Gathering Storm and getting the series on track to its conclusion. Most of the harsh criticism of Sanderson is just ridiculous and mean-spirited. Sanderson did a great job with an almost impossible task.
  6. The Creator was the loud voice that Rand heard at the end of the first book. They also heard the Creator at the end of A Memory of Light right as Rand was entering Shayol Ghul. So, the Creator does appear to have some involvement, although largely stays out of it. Additionally, the arguments seem pretty strong that Nakomi is some sort of avatar of the Creator/Pattern.
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