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  1. Jack, thanks for the correction. So how do they know those who are born versus those who can learn? I have forgotten how they are tested. I guess I"m trying to imagine the sul'dam/ damane tryouts. I think I remember something about them handing girl a leash. If she can feel something through it, she's elevated or demoted. I forget. But since anyone who can channel or who can learn to channel is able to feel through the leash, how do they know which they have: a sul'dam or and damane?
  2. Ok, I read a bit at http://wot.wikia.com/wiki/Ter%27angreal concerning th making of a'dams. Not much about the rest.
  3. I'm fascinate by this relationship and its evolution. From my first reading, I don't recall any history of the beginnings of the damane/sul'dame. Any one know how this started? I vaguely recall that the girls are tested early to see if they can feel anything through the a'dam but I don't remember much. Specifically, I wonder how the testing works since both those born able to channel and those able to learn can feel through the a'dam. How, in all these years, have they not figured out that both parties can channel? It makes little sense. How could they test so that only learners become damane and birthers are sul'dame? Also, how are a'dam made? Where do they come from? Is there an a'dam factory? Are they made to order? If so, how? Do the sul'dam make them? Is there an explanation for this? Any ideas or theories?
  4. Mistrust of men is one thing but the bickering, the pettiness, the distrust and disdain of everything is annoying at best, and completely insulting. For example Min and her viewings: She tells Siuan what she sees- dead Aes Sedai. But Siuan just dismisses it as Min not knowing how to interpret her own viewings, a gift she's had since birth. Only the unwisest of people would dismiss a gift like Min's. There is no wisdom among the women, only stubbornness and indoctrination. The women aren't curious about learning more about what is possible, seeing only obstacles and not opportunities. And let's not for get Elayne and her flirtation with Thom. How gross was that? If I remember correctly, Jordan writes that it was only natural for girls to flirt with their father figures and compete with their mothers. WRONG! I've never flirted with my dad or step-dad and I certainly don't feel competitive with my mother. Like I said, I'm sounding off on my personal frustrations concerning this issue. Love the books, love the story. Just releasing.
  5. I'm re-reading it. I read it back in college, a hundred years ago. Back then I remember thinking what pettiness among the women but now that I'm older, it's just infuriating and distracting. I think, as long as the forum allows, I'm going to make this my personal complaint board. (Your wife and I would probably get along well.) I've read on other posts that he based the women on his wife's different personalities. I say he did her a great disservice. That or she's a one dimensional, contrary person. So I'm on The Path of Daggers. The gals have finally fumbled upon the weather bowl and they are bickering. Honest to heavens, the world is counting on them and they are bickering.
  6. Jack, Pardon the redundancy. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who has this complaint. I will find other discussions and do my bitching there. Warm regards, Kim
  7. It seems that Jordan wants to write strong, resilient woman but I'm not sure he knows how. Instead of capable and discerning, most of the women come across as petty and stubborn. In my experience, women can be "cattier" but we certainly aren't as petty or ridiculous as Jordan portrays. It's very insulting and irritating that the women are constantly bungling and stumbling about. Their advancement seems to be a matter of luck and happenstance as opposed to purpose. It makes me wonder about Jordan's relationship with women. Whenever I'm in a coed meeting, I find the women much more reasonable and willing to compromise and communicate.
  8. Thank you every one. I'm in love with Lan all over again. I'm just now starting Lord of Chaos. Where is Perrin?! I'll probably be posting quite a bit on Jordan's treatment of women. The first time I read the series, I couldn't pinpoint what irked me about his female characters. Now that I'm more mature, I can articulate it better. But I don't want to puke all over the boards until I've read and responded to some posts. To do otherwise would be rude. Warm regards, Kim Oh, and the fellow was a co-worker who turned out to be a very wonderful and platonic friend.
  9. When I meet someone, I ask them what their favorite book is. Reading The Eye of the World came from this. Loved it. But as the series progressed, I stopped reading because I knew in my heart that Jordan was going to die before he finished. I didn't want to invest in an unfinished story. So now, college and kids out of the way, I'm re-reading and loving it.
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