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  1. I remeber reading TGH for the first time and thinking to myself 'That Selene is really shady. She's probably the Daughter of Night' and guess what...
  2. I think the Pattern in itself is neutral, which leads me to believe both the Creator and the Dark One are imprisoned in the Pattern as two weights on a balance in order to maintain the Order of Reality.
  3. I agree with Sabio. It doesn't matter what happend, LTT was destined to fail.
  4. I do think both sources would be Tainted because the True Power was also needed for the sealing
  5. Please, can you give me a link to it. I like being grossed out. And, isn't anyone gonna talk about Elayne's Master Masturbation ter'angreal?
  6. I don't think Ajah's were a really big deal in AoL. If an issue arose it something new was discovered, Ajah's were formed depending on the different routes to take towards or against it. Like during the sealing of the bore in AoL, there were probably two Ajah's, LTT's Companions and Latra's Female Channelers. They both had different ideas on how to approach the DO.
  7. Yeah I remeber that being ajah i.e. a temporary group of aes sedai coming together for a specific purpose. I don't it was official, like not every AS was classified into an Ajah...
  8. Am I missing something, because I thought the AoL Aes Sedai didn't have Ajha's...
  9. I just usually go to archiveofourown.org for fanfiction.
  10. Actually, I like Alanna...I'd would be a Green myself if I were Aes Sedai. I've always thought, some of the Ajah felt that the real world as chess pieces. Green live their lives (they marry, and some even have children). But living your live includes making mistakes. . Haha yes, I get it. I wasn't taking about you. I would probably be a White, of I could channel and I was a woman lol...
  11. Wow, I really didn't think this would turn into a bashing Alanna thread...
  12. A Song of Ice and Fire, Malazan Book of the Fallen and The Kingkiller Chronicles
  13. Lol, I understand why people wouldn't like BS. I just meant RJ was getting really stale in his writing and dragging on with boring and plots. BS came in an increased the pace of the books and rounded up the books in a quite satisfactory way, maybe better than RJ could have...
  14. I doubt it. I don't really think RJ had great plans for Shara except in the TG.
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