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  1. Where is this stated? Certainly in the series it's all we're shown. Is there a source elsewhere that has addressed this? Regardless, I'm very fond of this hypothesis. Very cool. I've always perceived her as a counterweight. The thought that they are more akin to a double edged sword is satisfying.
  2. Rand already had a mini-boss to fight in Moridin and it would have been quite irritating to have a SECOND mini battle with Shaidar Haran. Moridin serves as a superior pre-cursor to the fight with the Dark One because he is human and thus has far greater capacity for randomness in his actions than Shaidar Haran. There was a (very brief) moment that we had genuine reason to hope that Elan (Moridin) would come back to the light and that would be part of what allowed Rand to defeat the Dark One. Ultimately, the fact that the mini-boss HAS to lose makes Shaidar Haran a pretty wasted tool for that purpose. In a video game it's cool because it turns the fight into a marathon. In a story the conclusion is already foregone and thus has no surprise element. Shaidar Haran DID create a great deal of fear within the chosen and had such a strong build up that the non-entity of SH during the Last Battle should have been more foreboding; if he was such a big deal for the last 1/4 + of the series and we walk in on him being completely meaningless in the Pit of Doom, it serves as great foreboding of the fight Rand's about to enter. That it DIDN'T elicit more anxiety for that fight can be chalked up to less than perfect writing. I am still satisfied.
  3. Just a note, Rand was not present during Mangin's execution. He was informed by Berelain while on his way to the traveling grounds out of Caierhien. There was a comment that I cannot recall specifically about how Rand as a ruler couldn't witness every execution and this one should be no different than any other. The wise one who made this comment also made a comment about how he's becoming harder/stronger.
  4. I agree with Adam Z, the bond is that if pseudo siblings. With that being said, I feel it is explored, and in full detail by the culmination of the series. And most certainly their bond is developed in books 9-11. The cleansing of the taint is one of the most momentous events in the series and Nynaeve was participating directly with Rand. All her interactions with him henceforth are less older sister looking after a younger sibling that needs constant chastisement and more older sister seeing that younger sibling develop into an equal (even if it is grudging). It's noteworthy that the development of this relationship has been present in all books; the end of book 9 is simply the strongest build of their relationship, after which Rand progressively becomes someone she fears more than fears for until after TGS.
  5. Hey all, this is my first venture into a social experience regarding the Wheel of Time series despite that I've been reading the the series for nearly a decade. My most recent re-read of the series was concluded yesterday and was my first experience with the audio format (I've fallen in love with Michael Kramer's voice!) Over the years I've found a great deal of edification from Robert Jordan's creation and have defined many of my own personal philosophies based on the characters and peoples of this universe. To compound that, I find it quite fun to attempt interpreting what Robert Jordan's personal philosophy was by sifting through the little tidbits in here. I'd love to find some discussion where other's interpretations are being presented, along with support works being discussed. Any recommendations? Cheers!
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