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  1. hum update is I am still reading LoC I haven't been reading as often due to a few things one my husband thinks I have better things to do... and 2nd our youngest son who is now 12 talked us into letting him get World of Warcraft and yes I am hooked :oops:
  2. not sure where Rand was at the time but my bet is on RAND *Shrug*
  3. Yup I have tried very hard to not read any spoilers
  4. Don't laugh but I never heard about the books till I was over 40 :oops:
  5. LOL didn't finish when I thought...... finished this morning.
  6. the site I saw had a list of all the black ajha and a list for known darkfriends
  7. Yea my two kids are going back to school today :!: :!: :!:
  8. its not the same site but it is close Thank you
  9. I found a site or it may even have been a post on here, that had a list of "Characters so far" I think that what it was called, I didn't pay close attention to where I was and closed it out before I realized I wanted to look at it more, anyone know where I can find it again?
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