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  1. If you mean by designing, conceptualizing it in Photoshop: By all means yes. If you would need it as a Vector graphic, that would be a bit trickier but also doable. To actually execute it in leather? Unfortunately not. I am missing critical equipment to do such a large embossing. Hence I went with the engraved plates on the pieces above. What do you have in mind? Feel free to shoot me a PM, if you have a project. Happy to help where I can.
  2. Thanks to you all. Means a lot. :) @Ironeyes: Please show your self-bound books. Always interested to see new approaches and learn. :)
  3. 14 core books + New Spring + Compendium = 16 books
  4. It is my deepest pleasure to declare the project "The Wheel of Time - Black Tower Edition" hereby finished. I think within my humble possibilities they turned out quite right. Was an interesting journey and a lot has been learned. Little update for the process: I was not too happy how the brass turned out in contrast to the other gilding. I made a last minute adjustment and guilded the cover tiles. Everything looks much more balanced now.
  5. Decided to stay with the brass optic. The brass will age with time anyway. As for the round plates, these are for 3 role playing books. I played a lot of World of Darkness when I was younger. I just recently looked into it again and found out that they released a 20th-anniversary edition of the three main systems Vampire, Werewolf and Mage. I have given away all of my books years ago and kind of missed them. So this was a good chance to make an homage to my younger self and make them as "collector's items". As for the project, I made a large step today. 9 books still need to be sanded and glued. The finish line is near!
  6. This is how it would look like with a blackened emblem (not glued in). I don't know why but sitting on front of it, it looks really nice. If I make a photo it looks crappy.....
  7. And it is my pleasure to present Book number 1 with the cover design! It took me a while to build confidence to cut into the leather, but finally got myself to do it. The rest of the inlays are ready and prepared. Now I just need to find the time to sand the rest of the book edges and complete the process.
  8. And back with an update. The brass tiles finally arrived! The company was so nice and sending me also the scraps that didn't make it whole through the process. So I have something to experiment with. What do you guys think? Keep it as is or blacken the background?
  9. I can very well believe that. Stephen King reported the same with his Dark Tower series. So who knows... maybe a Fantasy Author Timey Wimey thing... Temporal Narrative Reminiscence Paradox. Where is my aluminum hat?
  10. If anyone is interested in the process of brass etching. Here is an example of the Illustrator file.
  11. I always thought the narrator is Jordan himself, telling us the story in our Age as a Myth from the Age of Legends. Explains any mistakes and holes in the story as it is a retelling of a true story which got twisted and mystified while the wheel is turning.
  12. And everyone a Happy New Year. Back from holidays and back in business! That looks really, really nice! Congrats on the treasure!. I like these type of boxes. Slipcases are great, but real protection comes only from this type. I can see that the bookbinder faced similar issues to the ones I am seeing (e.g. dies leave not a lot of imprint in the leather. I envy the big logo in gold. So far no luck in reproducing that.... :) Are you planning to have them do more? The book looks lonely. :) Can we get a photo? Unfortunately not. The attempts were so poorly that I did not document them. Really not a lot missed. Messy gold covered leather is not as much to look at. As for the books progress, there is not much to report on. Decided to ditch the idea of the gold logo on the cover and replaced it with a brass inlay. I spend a couple of hours making the cover symbol in Adobe Illustrator to have it cut and etched in brass. It is currently with the company and they hopefully produce something that is usable. My skills on Illustrator are not the best and Photoshop skills kind of do not translate. As for next steps, I would need to sand all book edges now, which I am kind of dreading and procrastinating from. Maybe I can motivate myself on the weekend...
  13. I agree with your point. I think I need to rephrase to say what I wanted to say. In general, I think people are just fine with paying something for getting something. Quality is a very second thought. They like the illusion of quality but are not willing to pay a premium for it. Should the books hold longer? Definitely! Will they as long as people are happy to buy the stuff the publishers throw on the market? Likely not. Quality is going downhill. The ones from Germany are a joke. I was quite pi**ed when I found out that the original English version has only a "few" books, while I paid a fortune for 37 books that fall apart after a reading. As for a project update the collection is growing. I decided to add the compendium to make it a full collection. Same format so easy to do. As for the gilding, I have not made good progress. I had finally time to try the lettering. I decided to go with the actual gold leaf gilding for a couple of reasons. A) It looks much better in my opinion. B) It's more "authentic". C) It's fun to do, just takes a heck more time to do. D) The gold foil stamping looks too golden and shiny for my taste. Somewhat fake. I also tried to give the leather a coating with shellac, which you can see in the last 2 photos (The one on the left). Makes some imperfections of the gilding go away. Not sure how I feel about this yet. As for the snake symbol for the cover, I am not happy with the outcome. The bronze stamp does not behave and produce any results I like. Seems that the details are just too small. I will need to figure something out. Next tests are: a) Make an actual cut out in a plastic film and try to use it as a stencil to apply the size for the gilding. b) Get a laser cut inlay and apply that to the cover. c) Get a laser engraving and embed it into the cover. I wanted to try out b and c anyway in the future so why not use the opportunity to play around with it. Currently researching how to make this happen in the most cost effective way. So far so good with the update. I keep posting here. Next post will be in a couple of weeks out. Holiday season is coming and I will be traveling.
  14. True. But I would say this is more due to the thickness and rubbery texture. You will likely not glue it with a PVA glue, but a good cement glues pig skin just fine. I think that is the advantage of a hobby. You have all the time in the world and can run test after test until you have it perfectly. And I think even traditional craftsmen would do it that way. The mass industry is different. Quality, quantity, and cost do not always go hand in hand. Plus this is quite a fun project. I enjoy getting a new skill under my belt. You never know when it is needed. In case of a Zombie Apocalypse, I.... can throw books at them. Following up on the progress of the gilding here is the next set of symbols (top rows). Not perfect yet, but SO much easier. I am tempted to revisit the edge gilding. As a little side project and as I had so many materials left, I am tempted to try encasing of the finished books. Test subjects below.
  15. Yeah. I was contemplating about that and you are absolutely right. I had an original design with reversed colors, but for whatever reason, it looked wrong to me. My original plan with the die was to have the fang in gold and the flame in silver. It did not give enough contrast/dynamics on the first attempt. Once I have the gold a bit better under control, I think I will revisit that and play around with aging (aka washes). That might give a better result. Still a long way to go until this project is finished. :)
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