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  1. I've wondered about the viability of a WoT series for years and I'm convinced it wouldn't work without gutting the plot completely. A lot happens, but not a lot happens that would be compelling visually. It's way too much to condense while staying true to the source and being even remotely watchable with any sort of marketing appeal. Especially with how slow a start the series gets off to and regularly sinks back into.
  2. I started reading these back in 2000 - I was 12 at the time - and I demolished what there was of the series up until that point. Since then, I've reread from start to finish at least once per year, usually 2-3 times. There's always new things to notice, either in conversations, day-to-day minutiae, names and references, whatever. If you stick with it through the whole thing and become a rereader (something that seems to be extremely common within the community, from what I've seen lurking DM for years), I think you'll enjoy coming back to this thread ages down the line. It's also refreshing to see a new reader enjoying the first three books instead of getting put off by how seemingly generic they are in terms of structure and plot points and everything. Stick with it! WoT is the most incredible piece of art and entertainment across any medium.
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