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  1. On youtube they are stating that Amazon has snapped up the rights to WOT along with the Dark Tower and LOTR. Does anyone know anything in relation to this.
  2. I wonder what he will keep or throw out in his script. I think there is one shot to get this story right. I wonder how long he has before he needs to hand in a script and who from Jordan's estate will sign off on it. Iam still thinking 5 years minimum even if everything goes according to plan. Anyhow, fingers crossed
  3. Whoever brings this to the small screen needs to have serious skill, the fan base is so big there is no way to please everyone. They need to decide which part of the story they will bring to TV as I think some part or characters will be left out just to allow the story to flow. I just want the characters to be believable, the Trollocs to be scary as hell and for the story to eb and flow. I kinda pity and admire whoever takes up the challenge. Maybe it will eventually happen in 10 to 20 years.
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