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  1. How is there not a news post on the main page of Dragonmount about the selection of Uta Brieswitz to directed the first two episodes of the Amazon series? The Daily Trolloc article: http://www.thedailytrolloc.com/2019/02/uta-briesewitz-wheel-of-time-tv-director.html
  2. Delrik

    Thoughts on Amazon green lighting the WoT TV Show

    I think it's worth noting that Rafe's tweet from 7/30/18 mentioned AK (Amanda Kate) Shuman being involved as a writer. Her IMDB profile lists her as a writer for NBC's "The Blacklist" which is littered with strong female characters. As for that, "Agents of SHIELD" which Rafe worked on also has a lot of strong, well written female characters. I suspect this is being produced in a writer's room environment that's common in TV productions, as that's a background shared by both Rafe and Amanda. I think this bodes well for the potential quality of the writer's room Rafe has put together, especially if Amazon wants a show which celebrates the many strong women that populate the WoT universe. (Multiverse? Hmm. A philosophical debate for another day.)