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  1. Also from west Coast! More Interior tho.. :cry:
  2. Woot Canucks! :lol: :) :D :lol:
  3. Skype? Anyone? Its a free download, and with a headset, you can talk to any other Skype user for free and you can call landlines free for the first bit and after you have to buy minutes but it's free and really easy to use. I was wondering if anyone else is using or interested? (Laymen terms: Pretty much your computer becomes able to phone anywhere.)
  4. Haha! Nice! Just thought i'd ask.. 8)
  5. We do take care of our lawns. In the summer, i have a neighbour that actually waters hers.*nods*
  6. Cause it ROCKS! Why else?...
  7. So are you a person who wants to be Canadian? or a person who wants to be from the nation of Quebec? just thought i'd ask... :D
  8. Greetings! I am a Male Novice in the Tower and just wanted to stop in and say 'Hello' to everyone and maybe spill a little History. I am 19. I live in Canada. I recently finished reading KOD and was cruising through here and thought i'd better check it out. I then choose to be a Male Novice in the WT, but had trouble because i got the RP and community sides mixed.;) Now here i am. Ready to Meet and Learn, all the collective knowledge the tower has to offer, as well as collect some friendship along the way! :lol: Seto
  9. Thanks again Guys! Hey Ny maybe Bob may yet live, in RP! I gotta do some reading and write some info on him. And just maybe, he may grace the stage... :lol:
  10. Thanks Ny i'll get my people to call yours soon. Maybe they'll even do lunch..*shakes head* So this Fiddlestix eh? Hmm, maybe i will take a look. Another Question? Can i join the PR side of things? And how would i go about it? since i already joined the Org. Towers..hehe 8)
  11. Thats Crazy! i live close to Vancouver too! My grandparents live in Vancouver!!
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