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  1. Currently at 57% of Dragon Reborn In which . . . Perrin tries to do a good deed, but it blows up in his face . . . Perrin attracts the attention of a unwanted follower . . . And Min's visions are unfolding . . . Wow, Perrin has not had a good time and this was a pretty fun bit to read. I applauded him for going out and freeing the Aielman and almost burst out laughing when Gual the Aielman, instead of sneaking out of town, decided to call attention to themselves and dragged Perrin into killing more White Cloaks. And Perrin was already on the White Cloak's radar. Love how Lan was beside himself with anger with Perrin and would have loved to be a fly on the wall when he had to tell Moraine they had to get out of dodge without a good night's sleep because of what I would assume Moiraine would believe to be Perrin's unnecessary need to be a good samaritan. But I feel most sorry for Loial because he was so looking forward to sleeping in his Ogier bed. I see the following conversation playing out in my head. Loial: So, little buddy, you care to tell me why I'm on a cold ass ship in the middle of the night instead of in my warm Ogier bed which i hadn't had to enjoy since I left home. You do realize that two little beds pushed together gives me a cramp and my back aches from sleeping on the hard ground. Perrin: Words cannot express how sorry I am . . . Loial: Just - just tell me why, man. Just why Moiraine: Because he's a Wheeldamned fool is what he is. Lan: Oh look, there's a lame bird, do you want to stop and mend its wing? I'm sure the mob with pitch forks and White Cloaks will take a break . . . I also love how Perrin was tempted to throw his unwanted follower over board and I couldn't help but crack a smile when she announced she was going after the Horn. I kept seeing Perrin lifting her over his head and tossing her overboard, "It's in Tar Valon, go swim for it!" And when she said her name meant Falcon, I could hear him say, "Go fly for it!" But then she is likely the Falcon from Min's vision.
  2. Currently at 50% of The Dragon Reborn In which . . . Mat gets a free ticket out of Tar Valon The Trio makes plans and Nynaeve has a enlightening discussion with the Amyrlin Mat has a night out on the town and almost gets mugged (or does he!) Mat also reunites with a familiar face. * * * Mat is one lucky bastard and I wonder if it isn't because he an anomaly like Min who could see visions. He's beginning to grow on me a bit and seems to be most streetwise of the three boys from the Eomond's Field. Then he meets Thom who I knew was going to eventually show up again in the story somewhere. But this is a downcast, drunken Thom with a limp and he's a bit different than he was in the first book. I love the duo right here. I'll call them Lucky Bastard and Drunken Storyteller. I think it could be the blind leading the blind. Originally, if I saw a team up between Mat and Thom, I would imagine Thom leading Mat around, but it looks like Mat is going to take the lead in this partnership. I think their chapters are going to be fun. And I have to say I like the revelation Thom unknowingly gives Mat about the footpads trying to rob him (or were they?) and how freaked out Mat gets about it. Hopefully his get out of Tar Valon ticket will be still valid by they time they find a ship. Also, poor Nynaeve gets a nasty revelation about Else. Seems that Else (the real one) has been gone for weeks, sent home due to laziness and preferring boys to studying) so who has Mat and Nynaeve been talking to? Lanfear. She's crawling around in the tower up to something. As cool as it is to see the going ons within the White Tower and see Mat at last recover (or recovering) from the dagger's influence, I'm kinda want to know what's going on with Rand or Perrin. I'm sure we'll get back to them eventually and right now we gotta focus on the other players in this epic and let them make their influences on the world and events and also developing character. Sorry it's been so long since my last post. I was caught up in the holidays and my writing projects. Hope everyone had good holidays. .
  3. Currently at 44% of The Dragon Reborn In which . . . Mat kicks serious ass, The Trio tries to connect the dots and come up with nothing, Egwene runs into a familiar beautiful woman. Egwene go into a dream, cue Inception theme music Time. * * * Firstly, Mat has won major brownie points with me for putting Galad and Gawyn in their place. I don't hate those two, but they kinda rubbed me wrong when they seemingly ambushed the girls for answers. I think I already went over this before, but I'll bring it up. Firstly, they don't have to be in the know of what happened and Galad seems to be so full of himself that its annoying. So it was very satisfying to see Mat put them both down magnificently and publicly too. And secondly, if Mat had been so excellent with his quarterstaff skills, why the hell haven't we seen this before? I'm searching my memory, but other than a bow, I haven't seen him do much success except be a little ass and getting sicker. Jesus! He could have Rambo up to Fain's group and took the Horn back himself. Where the hell were these skills when Rand and him was on the road together? The Trio are having trouble making connections with the Black Ajah, other than there is 13, which is a scary number for Egwene because it means that it only takes 13 Aes Sedai to force one to serve the Dark One against her will. Frightening, And she runs into a familiar beautiful face. It's Lanfear/Selene, or whatever she's calling herself now. I think she's also calling herself Else. LOL. I don't think Lanfear is on her side and whatever that is, it's luring men to sacrifice good for greatness, etc. I just finished the scene where Egwene runs into Perrin's dreamself chaining himself to a pillar and I'm going to hop on the soap box for a second and say how frustrated this scene made me. Firstly, the world is at stake! The Dark One is breaking loose and the world will likely end and so everyone is going to die or wish they were dead, so it doesn't matter if you are human or not! The odds are against the heroes so you need every advantage you can get to help you stop the Dark One from breaking free. It's frustrating when one of the heroes has an ability, an ability that could be beneficial to the group or help in tight situations, but don't do it because they are afraid of the ability, afraid that something bad will happen, etc. It doesn't matter if the whole group gets taken out if doing nothing saves you from whatever.
  4. Currently at 39% of the Dragon Reborn In which . . . Egwene goes through three trials of being a wife and mother, Being in the ruins of Caemlyn with a trapped Rand. And being the Amrylin with a bunch of traitors. And Matt wakes up and probes the way out of Tar Valon. * * * I pretty much predicted that Egwene was going to have a dream (if it was?) about being Rand's wife. Pretty much all three of her experiences surround Rand and each time she had failed to help him. If these experiences are a reflection of her heart, could they be a representation of her having a hard time letting Rand go? Or are they actually reflect events that could or may possibly happen? I can understand why Egwene is still hung up on Rand, they had practically been engaged since kids and it was pretty much understood by whole village they were going to be married. Yet, overnight (the night they left Two Rivers with Moiraine) it's been thrown out the window. Whereas the Great Hunt was character development for Rand, I am seeing the Dragon Reborn as character development for others such as Egwene and gives the reader a closer look at the going ons inside the White Tower.
  5. I got as far as halfway through the second book before I got burned out, but I have watched the HBO show. I do know that the television follows the outline of the books, but goes its own way in regards to details. The books are on my reading list btw.
  6. Hmmm, it's hard to say. It reminds me of a Song of Fire and Ice where you have multiple characters in different locations across the land, but low in violence and sex. I do like how women seem to have a leading role in Randland's societies.
  7. Currently at 34% of the Dragon Reborn In which . . . Mat wakes up nude and gets some powerful visitors . . . Verin gives Egwene the Ring of Power - Dreams . . . Egwene is about to face her three fears . . . * * * The jury is still out on Mat. It seems that ever since he got his hands on the dagger his memory is foggy. Maybe he'll remember what a little git he was. But he has bigger worries as Selene seems to have him in her sights. I just hope Mat doesn't do anything stupid. This World of Dreams. Is that where Rand, Perrin, and Mat keep seeing so often in the first book? Is that all Ba'al keeps intimidating them in their dreams? Whoa, I hope Egwene's ready for whatever she's about to step into. What I am really excited about is Egwene undertaking her trial to becoming Accepted. Looking forward to seeing what she will go through.
  8. Thanks! It's always good to hear stories like yours. (I usually get answers like these: "sorry, too long", "you didn't say that series has a million pages!", "I cannot read it anymore: boring as hell" etc.) However, if you don't mind, I'd recommend a few (very short) books that are great to read: Right now I got a book list of upcoming books. Acorna the Unicorn Girl series by Anne McCaffrey and Margaret Ball. Vampire Hunter D by Hideyuki Kikuchi The Magicians and Mrs. Quint trilogy by Mark Anthony When I first one series, I'll replace it with one from the list. Currently at 29% of the Dragon Reborn\ In which . . . The Trio of Dreamer, Braid, and Princess dodge the Wicked Witch in Red Matt finally gets healed . . . or does he? *dun dun duuun!* * * * Right at the opening of chapter 19, the first POV of Mat. Maybe my opinion of him will change and I can write a better review of him by the end of the book. He's been so much of a prat in the previous books that he needs to do some growing up. Maybe being poisoned by evil dagger has done that.
  9. I'm currently reading four books. Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. I fell in love with the Starz television show and then the books. I'm reading them in chronological order and currently on the Lord John Grey spinoff series. Harry Potter by JK Rowling. It's been about ten years since I read the books and a friend and I are planning on going to Orlando to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter sometime next year. Currently on book 6. The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. A friend recommended it to me and I'm still on the first book. And WOT. I tend to do most of my reading at work as a tend to get some down time and I read the books from my Kindle app on my phone. I tend to switch to a different book each day and switch after I get through ten percent through each book. That keeps me from getting burned out on them and lets me compare the writing techniques of the authors. So far WOT has definitely been worth my time! Been loving it.
  10. Currently at 28% of The Dragon Reborn In which . . . The Braid and Dreamer become a trio with the inclusion of the Princess . . . Nyneve chase two boys out of her room . . . And the Wicked Bitch of Caemlyn makes a sudden appearance . . . * * * I'm going to come out and say it, I do not like Galad. He's too good looking and too good to be true. Usually when a sister or half sister (or in Elayne's case, not-sister) dislikes her brother and it has nothing to do with sibling rivalry, it usually means something. My respect for Nynaeve went up when she refused to succumb to his charm and chased him and Gawyn out of her room. It's none of their business of what happened. Elayne can write a letter to her mother about what had happened. And then Elaida pops into the room. Nynaeve just gets the most interesting visitors in her room.
  11. Then I'm very interested in your opinion 74% later. It was a low base, wasn't it? She just came off as a nosy, stubborn, git that thought she knew better than someone older and wiser than her. It seemed to be in the beginning was that she didn't like another woman coming to her village and playing the role of the Wise Woman when that was her role as the Wisdom. So, your opinion is now a little more positive about him? It's too early to say as I have yet to get to the chapter with him not passed out from all the evil he's absorbed from the Dagger.
  12. Who are your favourite characters? Do you dislike anyone? Do you see anyone in different lights now? So far my favorite is Rand because of the awesome character development he received last book. My impression of Nynaeve has improved since the first book because she's starting to grow on me and I love how she handled the Seanchan. Also, I'm digging her relationship with Lan though I wish she would just let it go with Moiraine, but time will tell. My verdict is still out on Mat until I see some development with him which I'm sure is coming in this book.
  13. Currently at 26% of the Dragon Reborn In which . . . Egwene and the girls return to Tar Valon and piss off the White Cloaks. Amrylin likes fishing. Egwene and Nynaeve form an undercover team I will call the Braid and Dreamer to locate the Black Ajah gang and get special permission slips to do it. * * * Egwene has definitely grown since Book 1. She's willing to act to protect herself and others. I like how being Leashed has affected her and she's willing to act out to keep from being restrained or entrapped again. Alas, doing so have given the White Cloaks more reason to hate and suspect the Aes Sedai of attacking with the Seanchan. Egwene now understands that she can no longer marry Rand, but can't help the jealousy she has for Min being by Rand's side. Yet, she insists on becoming Aes Sedai that she often takes the road that leads her away from Rand. I respect a girl that chooses to led her own life and not giving up her dream to be with a man. And she's well on her way to becoming an Accepted, that is until after her appointment in the study with a switch. I also like how Nynaeve recognized Egwene's growth and cannot be considered the Wisdom. Egwene is no longer the girl she looked after in Two Rivers and I expect to see them working side by side on the Amrylin's quest for them. I've noticed that she no longer insists on getting the kids back to Two Rivers, but seems to be on another mission of getting back at Moiraine. I can only hope she realizes that events were leading up to this long before Moiraine's arrival in their village. I like how since there the Dragon Reborn announced himself the False Dragons all fell in different ways. There can only be one Dragon Reborn and he's off in the boonies making dogs disappear while on the run from friends and Moiraine.
  14. Been watching a lot of Archer and I thought what roles the cast of Archer would play in Wheel of Time. Rand = Sterling Malory Archer Because of attracting multiple women and because Archer would totally dig being the legenday Dragon Reborn. Perrin = Cyril.Figgis Because Cyril and Perrin are smart, but tend to overthink things and for some reason I think it would be hilarious for Cyril to run with wolves. Mat/Ray Gillette = Because neither one is afraid to call someone on their BS. Moraine / Malory Archer = Both are strong women who have to struggle with their underlings and also I would love to see Moraine's peaceful assertiveness replaced with Malory's scathing remarks. Nynaeve/ Lana Kane = Both of them seemed to be willing to get physical to get things done and get impatient with foolishness. Egwene / Pam Poovey = Because I imagine Pam going 'sploosh' a lot during her time in Tar Valon and she might get off on the whole Leash thing. Min / Cheryl Tunt = Because I can see her making fun of the terrible visions she would see around people. Loial/ Doctor Krieger = Simply because I can see Krieger mutating himself into a tall inhuman being. Ba'alzamon / Barry = They are both Rand/Archer's arch nemesis and seem to get beat up and hurt after each encounter with them. Lan / Woodhouse = Just because.
  15. So far my top book is the Great Hunt because of the wonderful character development for Rand. If the Wheel of time was an RPG, I would say that Rand leveled up a few times. Also, we got some cool scenes with Nynaeve and Egwene in dealing with the Seanchan. The Great Hunt feels like a game changer in a lot of ways.
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