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  1. Harriet and Wilson will finish it. If I remember correctly Wilson posted a few weeks before his passing that RJ, sat down with them and told everything that was not finished. Made him sound like a gleeman while doing it as well. With that information and his dictated notes, they are the best ones since only those two real know what HE intended. Anyone else will add there own flavor.
  2. 6 months, before i started my last job i did 1-11 and new spring in two weeks, i lost about 20 pounds becasue i didn't eat much.
  3. What would I do, I create a full circle. they have enough AS to do it, and isntantly burn the BT to the ground, and a few feet below it. Then I would rebuild somewhere else perhaps along a river route. A Circle that big could wip out the tower before they new what was happening, ever fallower of taims would die as well as the man himself most likely.
  4. you mean on the last book? He has the them with him, I they where with him when he lost his hand, im sure they blame themselves on that one. But yea, they understand having to hide, so though they probaly flipped on him they are glad he brought them to him after he got to tear.
  5. ok now you have me doupting what i read im going to have to look it up...seems that always one of the secotions i pass over. after reading the first 5 or so times...
  6. for got about them...which is strange pehaps Alviarin ment those currently in the tower....can't remember where Katerine is atm...but Liandrin is known to be black so she would no longer be consider red at all...she is also dead as far as any of them know.
  7. I've had this problem on some sites I help moderate myself....I don't have access to IP adress but if you find that most of its comeing from one adress you can (under most set ups) ban that adress. A freind of mine recently told me why the spam increasing everyone of those links as special code that tell someone who "special link" was used...if you buy a subscription the spammer gets paid. So either there IPs are banned or you pray no one is stupied enough to click on there links and go to the sites. Of course there are ways around IP bans but most people don't go through the trouble.
  8. I was thinking on this earlier. The sisters searching for the BA now fear that Elaida is black. Inwhich case they my test Egwene. It could be possable for them to remove Elaida then in fear that she may be black....and raise Eqwene as the new Amyrlin. far fetched and you would still have two competting halls to deal with but it could be possable.
  9. I managed tog et my family to read it but not all of them want to go past the first book. Like my mom she perfers having a book you know exactly what the heros goal is. Im thinking of giving her new spring so that she can get a little more of the back story.
  10. Sorry I didn't get back to this, finals are bogging me down. Though I found a article on the Blog written by RJ, saying that e has a company that was going to make a MMO style game out of the series, but the company was taken over and the new owner decided to go with something else.
  11. the lighting strike was, he became sick soon after with the after effects, not sure about the whitecloaks
  12. “The Last I saw her, she said the next time she met you, she’s spank your bottom till you couldn’t sit for a week” Merean in New Spring told Moiraine that Cadsuane has said that. Who thinks she will keep her work when Moiraine reappears in the last book. Cadsuane returned to the tower for a short time after the aiel war before going back into retierment and I doubt Moiraine returned to the tower until the death of the Amylin four or five years after the war ended so neither has met since. Two women neither of which has ever bowed to another, save Moiraine when she new time grew short and need Rand to listen to her. It will be interesting to see them meet again after twenty years, and to see if Cadsuane will keep her promise. I'm sure its been discussed before but i couldn't find it.
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