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  1. Thanks everyone for commenting here! I feel very welcomed! Chaelca, I read a lot of stuff. High fantasy tends to hold the key to my heart, but I love historical fiction also. As well as some sci-fi and... well. A lot of stuff. I've had less time to read, lately, so my focus at the moment is entirely on WOT at the moment.
  2. Hello all, I discovered the Wheel of Time last year while at work (I shelve at a library). The first book was one of only two that we own and I was lucky enough to notice it as I was putting it away. We don't use special library covers, and this book still had one, which is why I noticed it. I judged it by it's cover, which I rather liked, and read the back and the first page right then and there. I checked it out. Anyway, due to many time constraints, I am still only on book four. Discovered Dragonmount when looking for where in the sequence New Spring should be read. So. Here I am! I probably won't be very active until I've read the entirety of the series. That will hopefully be soon. I'm on binge-read mode at the moment. Anyway, I look forward to being part of this community!
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