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  1. Thanks I thought it was just wanted to have it confirmed and yes, sorry found it on another right after i posted this one. Reason I ask about Samual being dead is cause the Forsaken mention it in the last book in one of their meetings. Makes wonder what they know about Taim You never hear them mention Taim's name but he is obviously a deak friend with power.
  2. Several times here. Actaully you'll notice Jordan foreshadows almost the whole series in the first book. From Moraine mentioning Egwene could be Amrylln to Mat shrugging off a Trolloc rope around his neck.
  3. At the end of Book 1, when Rand is struggling with the One Power from the Eye in Tarwains Gap he screams ...... " Light, help me!!! " and a booming voice in his head in all CAPS ( just like the Dark One's voice is typed in later books ) says ....... " I WILL TAKE NO PART, ONLY THE CHOOSEN ONE CAN DO WHAT MUST BE DONE, IF HE WILL" and then the stairs to Ishmeal appear. Was this "The CREATOR" ???? sure looks that way to me....... btw: I think Mazrim Taim is actually Sammual in desguise.
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